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Kaimana Beach Hotel

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Kaimana Beach Hotel • $299

Earn up to $59.80 per night with!

Earn Genius Rewards at Kaimana Beach Hotel with the Rewards Program - What's in this guide?

Overview: How to earn Genius Rewards at Kaimana Beach Hotel

This guide explores how much money in Genius Rewards you can earn as a member of’s loyalty program when you book Kaimana Beach Hotel. We’re using an estimated $299 price per night as a baseline to calculate your savings on Kaimana Beach Hotel, but the actual price may vary. has tons of hotels, apartments, vacation rental homes and other amazing properties in Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii), and when you book Kaimana Beach Hotel you can instantly join Genius Rewards through SoLoyal.

How much can you earn with Genius Rewards? has millions of properties to book, not all of which qualify for the Genius Rewards program. The list of eligible properties (and the amount of rewards you can earn) changes from time to time, so it’s not guaranteed that Kaimana Beach Hotel will be eligible. That being said we’ve estimated your savings on this property so that if and when it is eligible for Genius Rewards, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll earn on your trip to Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii).’s loyalty program, Genius Rewards, has 3 status levels:

• Genius Level 1 gets you a 10% discount on your stay in Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii). That amounts to $29.90 per night when booked at $299, which is even better than a rewards code.

• Genius Level 2 can save you up to 15% ($44.85 on a nightly rate of $299) and comes with some other fantastic benefits such as Free Breakfast and a Free Room Upgrade at Kaimana Beach Hotel. You can achieve Genius Level 2 by completing 5 stays with within 2 years.

• Genius Level 3 saves you up to 20% on your Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii) trip, which comes to $59.80 on a nightly rate of $299, and you’ll get Priority Support from in addition to the Free Breakfast and Free Room Upgrade. You’ll achieve Genius Level 2 by completing 15 stays with within 2 years. Your booking at Kaimana Beach Hotel counts toward achieving that level, and when you do you’ll maintain that status for life.

By spending $299 you can earn up to $299.00 when you reserve Kaimana Beach Hotel for 5 nights with We’ll show you how your Genius Rewards Savings break down across status these status levels.

Genius Rewards Earnings Table for Kaimana Beach Hotel

The following chart breaks down how to maximize your Genius Rewards earnings on Kaimana Beach Hotel:

 NightlyDiscountReduced5 NightsDiscountReduced
Level 1$299$29.90$269.10$ 1,495$149.50$1,345.50
Level 2$299$44.85$254.15$ 1,495$224.25
Level 3$299$59.80$239.20$ 1,495$299.00
How much in Genius Rewards can I earn at Kaimana Beach Hotel?

When you join’s Genius Rewards loyalty program, you’ll immediately be eligible for 10% off on your stay at Kaimana Beach Hotel, but before you head out for your trip to Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii) it’s worth understanding how your Genius Rewards cash breaks down across all of’s status levels. The amount you’ll earn also heavily depends on the price, so we’ve used a baseline price of $299 per night to calculate your savings on Kaimana Beach Hotel.

Genius Level 1 (Booking at $299):

10% savings on the nightly rate of $299 comes to $29.90 which means you’ll pay $269.10 per night on Kaimana Beach Hotel. That’s a pretty nice savings, and when you consider that a 5-night stay would normally cost you $ 1,495 , your 10% Genius Rewards savings are worth $149.50 as a Level 1 Genius Rewards member who is staying for 5 nights. Your final price on this booking would be $1,345.50.

Genius Level 2 (Booking at $299):

Genius Level 2 members can save up to 15% on their booking in addition to getting Free Breakfast and a Free Room Upgrade. When booking Kaimana Beach Hotel at $299 that’s a savings of $44.85. You’ll pay $254.15 per night after the discount, making your stay in Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii) just a little more comfortable. When realized over the course of a 5-night stay, which would normally cost you $ 1,495 , you’ll pay $1,270.75 after a savings of  $224.25. 

Genius Level 3 (Booking at $299):

When you finally reach Genius Level 3 in the rewards program, you’ll get all the benefits of the first two status levels, plus Priority Customer Support from In addition, your Genius Level 3 status stays with you for life. Members who have hit this lofty status can save up to 20% on their booking at Kaimana Beach Hotel. That means that when booking at $299, you’ll save $59.80 each night in Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii) and you’ll pay $239.20. If you’re staying for 5 nights you’ll snag a $299.00 total discount and you’ll pay $1,196.00.

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