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Back in 1991 in a town called Point Reyes, California, Coyuchi was born to create clothing from sustainably sourced materials, including using fibres that are naturally occuring, like 100% natural cotton. These clothing fibers are never blended with other materials (like the much-dreaded polyester), ensuring a high quality and all-natural final product. In fact, Coyuchi is so committed to their sustainability practices that they adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), known as one of the highest standards in the world. In addition to this baseline focus on environmentally-friendly manufacturing, the Coyuchi "2nd Home Take Back Program" enables customers to send back their Coyuchi linens for free and receive 15% off a subsequent order. This helps to keep old clothing out of pollutive landfills and furthers Coyuchi's positive impact in cooperation with their customers. As if that wasn't enough, Coyuchi is part of the "1% for the planet" initiative, a global collective for aiding nonprofit environmental organizations. In Coyuchi's case, the beneficiary is Fibershed, which focuses on carbon-neutral farming, which cleans the air by filtering carbon out of the atmosphere and back down into the earth.

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