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Special Member Benefits with SoLoyal

SoLoyal members get all available rewards and membership benefits at CruiseDirect

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With so many vacation options to choose from it can be hard to nail down a single location to visit. Just when you think you've found the perfect hotel, you still need to arrange your flight and maybe a rental car or other modes of vacation transportation. It's the very hassle of booking a trip piecemeal that has spawned an entire industry. That industry, of course, is the Cruise Industry, and CruiseDirect will help you plan the perfect cruise experience. The CruiseDirect website, which offers families and couple the chance to break away from life and spend their days under the sun atop a luxury cruise ship, has become very popular in recent years. A hotel and mode of transportation all in one, cruises let you experience many different facts of a vacation without all the complex planning. And more than that, cruise ships often dock in various ports along their route which lets you experience many different destinations in a single vacation. If you want to know how to earn CruiseDirect loyalty points and benefits, just join SoLoyal. SoLoyal will automatically apply any available rewards at CruiseDirect.

Brand Supported

CruiseDirect is supported by SoLoyal. That means that if there is a discount available here, you'll get it as a member of SoLoyal. With SoLoyal, there is no need to recover points or redeem CruiseDirect rewards. You can automatically save money while shopping here.

Automatically Applied

SoLoyal allows you to track and manage your loyalty rewards and benefits everywhere. That means for CruiseDirect or any Travel brand's loyalty program, you don't have to download the CruiseDirect app or go to their website in order to view and redeem your member rewards.

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Get all available loyalty points and member benefits at CruiseDirect with SoLoyal.

SoLoyal finds and automatically applies members-only discounts at all your favorite brands. When you check out on the CruiseDirect website, any members-only benefits in your account will automatically be applied by SoLoyal.

How Does SoLoyal Work?

With SoLoyal you can automatically track your CruiseDirect account, including any available CruiseDirect rewards. Since CruiseDirect does not have an official loyalty program, SoLoyal will watch for any upcoming members-only benefits and offers and apply them for you.

SoLoyal works by enabling you to track all your loyalty points and member rewards at any brand that has a loyalty program. If it were applicable, you could check your CruiseDirect rewards balance, rewards or points expiration, current account status and what is needed to reach your next reward as a member of the CruiseDirect loyalty program.

As a member of SoLoyal, you won’t have to keep checking back for new rewards as SoLoyal will continually search for and apply membership rewards for you automatically. In addition, as soon as you join SoLoyal, any members-only discounts or offers will be applied automatically as you shop. You don’t have to remember to ask CruiseDirect for a discount, apply to be a member, or type in anything special in at checkout.

Your CruiseDirect member rewards and other Travel rewards are subject to the brand’s specific terms and may not be offered at all times. Install SoLoyal and simply visit the CruiseDirect Website. SoLoyal will always provide up to date info on which discounts are available at CruiseDirect.

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Special Member Benefits with SoLoyal membership!

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