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Crown Vintage at DSW

Earn loyalty points and benefits on Crown Vintage at DSW.

Looking to earn loyalty points on Crown Vintage at DSW? Here's a rewards guide for each Crown Vintage product sold, exclusively for DSW VIP rewards members.

Every time you buy Crown Vintage products at DSW you can earn DSW VIP member rewards and loyalty benefits. In the product guides below, SoLoyal teaches you how many points you can earn and how to maximize your benefits with each Crown Vintage purchase as a loyalty member at DSW.

67310 Combat Boot
Aaliya Sandal
Aceten Boat Shoe - Men's
Adeja Sandal
Adelite Sneaker - Women's
Adventure Bootie
Alexyn 2 Sandal
Alexyn Sandal
Alpine Boot
Ardella Bootie
Aressia Boot
Artic Bootie
Baen Mono Chelsea Boot
Band Panama Hat
Bandana Women's Ankle Socks - 5 Pack
Banya Sandal
Beatrix Bootie
Betila Velvet Bootie
Block Animal Women's No Show Socks - 6 Pack
Blondey Chelsea Boot
Bonire Wedge Sandal - Women's
Bonny Chelsea Boot
Boyfriend Women's Touch Screen Gloves
Brandon Cap Toe Boot
Briony Bootie
Brohm Boat Shoe - Men's
Bromley High-Top Sneaker - Men's
Burkley Slip-On Sneaker - Men's
Cable Knit Women's Beanie
Cable Knit Women's Convertible Gloves
Caning Crossbody Bag
Cantrel Jogger Sneaker
Cap Toe Boot
Carla 2 Loafer - Women's
Cascade Slipper
Casper Chukka Boot
Cathy Bootie
Chacha Crossbody Bag
Chain Panama Hat
Chalina Wedge Sandal
Chandler Boot
Charlan Sneaker
Charley Bootie
Chenille Plaid Scarf
Chunky Knit Pom-Pom Beanie
Chunky Knit Speckled Beanie
Clayr Hobo Bag
Color Block Pom-Pom Beanie
Conely Boot
Cozy Pleated Blanket Scarf
Dandy Sandal
Daventry Cap Toe Oxford
Denema Boot
Devorah Boot
Ditsy Floral Women's No Show Socks - 6 Pack
Dominga Bootie
Drexell Cap Toe Boot
Eloisah Mule
Emmereth Mule
Evalinda Flat - Women's
Eyelash Leopard Head Wrap
Felt Panama Hat
Flamingo Tote
Floraine 2 Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Floraine Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Floral Stripe Women's No Show Socks - 6 Pack
Flory Sandal
Fucci Oxford
Galiena Mule
Gamina Platform Sneaker - Women's
Giancita Bootie
Glory 2 Chelsea Boot
Greyden Sneaker - Men's
Hadden Boot
Hex Roller Men's Belt
Irae Boot
June Chelsea Boot
Juryan Pump
Jynny Bucket Bag
Kadience Boot
Kaide Slip-On
Kalinda Sneaker - Women's
Katana Wedge Sandal
Korine Espadrille Platform Sandal
Leather Band Panama Hat
Lonari Espadrille Wedge Mule
Lowri Clog - Women's
Macaria Mule
Macrame Crossbody Bag
Macrame Shoulder Bag
Maiy 2 Bootie
Maiy Bootie
Milika Wedge Sandal
Milten Boot
Mitzi Mule
Miyan Espadrille Sandal
Moc Boot
Morrison Bootie
Naliana Penny Mule
Nereta Sneaker - Women's
Nickle Boot
Nitza Sandal
Ombre Macrame Crossbody Bag
Ombre Women's Ankle Socks - 5 Pack
Oversized Fringe Scarf
Paisley Women's No Show Socks - 6 Pack
Palmita Sandal
Pandan Clutch
Parili Sandal
Pavletta Flat
Paxley Sandal
Perrin Wedge Sandal
Philbrick Loafer
Pick A Pom Beanie
Plaid Reversible Women's Poncho
Polka Dot Women's Ankle Socks - 5 Pack
Rainier Slipper
Ranier Penny Loafer
Remy Sandal
Revival Bootie
Ribbed Knit Scarf
Rose Floral Women's No Show Socks - Pack of 6
Rumble Bootie
Rydel Mule - Women's
Rydella Mule
Sage Penny Loafer
Sakai Bootie - Women's
Seabrylla Sandal
Sherpa Tote
Solid Women's Ankle Socks - 5 Pack
Somaya Sandal
Straw Bucket Bag
Straw Circle Shoulder Bag
Straw Fringe Satchel
Straw Shell Bucket Bag
Straw Stone Bucket Bag
Straw Tote
Stretch Web Men's Belt
Tait Oxford
Tatham Bootie
Taviana Sandal
Telinda Combat Boot
Tie-Dye Women's Ankle Socks - 3 Pack
Tipryn Chelsea Boot
Tolana Chelsea Boot
Top Extra Wedge Sandal
Turnhill Sandal - Men's
Unlined Women's Touch Screen Gloves
Vaishali Mule
Vapor Wedge Sandal
Varenka Sandal
Vavi Pump
Vintage Tie-Dye Women's No Show Socks - 6 Pack
Woven Women's Panama Hat
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Earn 5% back on Crown Vintage at DSW with SoLoyal!

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