Earn 5% back on Merrell at DSW with SoLoyal!

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Earn loyalty points and benefits on Merrell at DSW.

Looking to earn loyalty points on Merrell at DSW? Here's a rewards guide for each Merrell product sold, exclusively for DSW VIP rewards members.

Every time you buy Merrell products at DSW you can earn DSW VIP member rewards and loyalty benefits. In the product guides below, SoLoyal teaches you how many points you can earn and how to maximize your benefits with each Merrell purchase as a loyalty member at DSW.

Alpine Cross Sneaker
Alpine Retro Sneaker
Alpine Sandal
Alpine Sneaker
Alpine Sneakerox Sneaker
Alpline Clog
Altalight Hiking Shoe - Men's
Altalight Trail Shoe - Men's
Altalight Trail Sneaker - Kids'
Alverston Waterproof Hiking Boot - Men's
Alverstone Hiking Boot - Men's
Alverstone Hiking Boot - Women's
Alverstone Trail Shoe - Men's
Antora 2 Trail Running Shoe
Bare Access XTR Trail Shoe - Men's
Bora Slip-On
Boulder Range Trail Shoe - Women's
Bravada Hiking Shoe - Women's
Burnt Rock Mills Sneaker
Cedrus Convert 3 Sandal
Cloud Vent Slip-On Trail Shoe - Women's
Deverta 2 Hiking Boot - Women's
Deverta 2 Hiking Shoe - Men's
District Finlay Sandal
District Mendi Sandal
District Muri Wrap Sandal
Duskair Seaway Sandal
Encore Breeze 3 Clog
Encore Breeze Slip-On
Encore Q2 Clog
Erie Mid Hiking Boot - Men's
Forestbound Hiking Boot - Men's
Forestbound Trail Shoe - Men's
Hut Moc Slip-On
Hydro Moc Clog
Hydro Moc Clog - Kids'
Hydro Slide Sandal
Hydro Slide Sandal - Men's
Hydrohiker Trail Shoe - Kids'
Jungle Moc Alloy Toe Slip-On Trail Shoe - Men's
Jungle Moc Pro Slip-On
Jungle Moc Slip-On Trail Shoe - Men's
Jungle Moc Slip-On Trail Shoe - Women's
Jungle Slip-On
Jungle Slip-On Clog
Juno Clog
Juno Sandal
Juno Wedge Sandal
Kalari Lore Sandal
Mag 9 Trail Shoe - Women's
Mer Breakwater Sandal
Meru Trail Shoe - Men's
Moab 2 Hiking Boot
Moab 2 Mid Hiking Boot
Moab 2 Mid Tactical Response Work Boot
MOAB 2 Mid Vent Boot
Moab 2 Tactical Work Sneaker
Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe - Men's
Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe - Women's
Moab 2 Vent Waterproof Hiking Boot - Women's
Moab 2 Vent Waterproof Hiking Shoe - Women's
Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe - Men's
Moab 2 Work Boot
Moab Adventure Hiking Shoe - Men's
Moab Drift 2 Strap Sandal
Moab Edge 2 Trail Shoe - Men's
Moab Flight Trail Running Shoe
Moab Speed Hiking Shoe - Men's
Moab Vertex Mid Work Boot
Moab Voyager Sneaker - Kids'
Mqc Patrol Boot
MQM Flex 2 Hiking Shoe
MQM Flex 2 Hiking Shoe - Men's
Napa Valley Sandal
Nova 2 Trail Running Shoe
Ontario Hiking Boot - Women's
Ontario Mid Hiking Boot - Men's
Ontario Sneaker
Outback Hiking Shoe - Kids'
Pandi 2 Trail Shoe - Women's
Primer Sneaker
Quarter Men's Ankle Socks - 4 Pack
Quarter Women's Ankle Socks - 4 Pack
Riverbed 3 Hiking Shoe - Men's
Rogue 8 Work Boot
Sandspur Rose Sandal
Simien Sneaker
Siren Edge 3 Trail Shoe - Women's
Siren Edge Q2 Trail Shoe - Women's
Skyfire Trail Shoe - Men's
Sutton Moc Pro Work Shoe
Sutton Oxford Pro Work Shoe
Sutton Steel Toe Work Oxford
Sutton Work Slip-On
Terran Rake Sandal
Thermo Chill Mid Snow Boot
Trail Chaser Trail Shoe - Kids'
Trail Glove 6 Trail Running Shoe
Trailway Sandal
Tremblant Bluff Wedge Bootie
Tremblant Wedge Bootie
Vapor Glove 4 Trail Shoe - Men's
Wildwood Access Lowtoe Trail Running Shoe
Wildwood Aerosport Trail Shoe - Men's
Windoc Steel Toe Work Slip-On Sneaker
World Vue Slip-On
Yokota 2 Trail Shoe - Men's
Yokoto Oxford Hiking Shoe - Men's
Zion Fast Hiking Shoe
Zion FST Hiking Shoe - Men's
Zion FST Hiking Shoe - Women's
Zion Hiking Boot - Women's
Zion Hiking Shoe - Men's
Zion Hiking Shoe - Women's
Zion Waterproof Hiking Shoe - Men's
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Earn 5% back on Merrell at DSW with SoLoyal!

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