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Earn loyalty points and benefits on Tod's at DSW.

Looking to earn loyalty points on Tod's at DSW? Here's a rewards guide for each Tod's product sold, exclusively for DSW VIP rewards members.

Every time you buy Tod's products at DSW you can earn DSW VIP member rewards and loyalty benefits. In the product guides below, SoLoyal teaches you how many points you can earn and how to maximize your benefits with each Tod's purchase as a loyalty member at DSW.

47A Stivale Tubo Boot
All Ganci Tattoo Sportivo Sneaker - Men's
Allacciato Active Sneaker - Men's
Allacciato Cas Gomma XY Sneaker - Men's
Allacciato Ganci Sneaker - Men's
Allacciato Tattoo Sneaker - Men's
Ball Cuoio 92A Lacc Napp Flat
Ballerina 47A Doppia Loafer
Ballerina 47A Pantofola Loafer
Ballerina Dee Fibbietta Ballet Flat
Ballerina Des Ballet Flat
Ballerina Gomma Laccetto Ballet Flat
Cassetta Gomma Platform Sneaker - Women's
Cassetta Gomma Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Cassetta Leggera 12A Anelli Sneaker - Women's
Cuoio 19B Decollete Flat
Cuoio 19B Flat
Cuoio 36A Max Doppia Loafer
Cuoio 87A Borchie Penny Loafer - Women's
Cuoio Bootie
Cuoio Flat
Cuoio Gom Bootie
Cuoio Gomma Sandal
Cuoio Gomma T50 Chelsea Boot
Cuoio Leg 79A Loafer
Cuoio Loafer - Women's
Cuoio Mocassino Loafer - Women's
Cuoio Penny Loafer - Women's
Cuoio Platform Sandal
Cuoio Sandal
Cuoio T20 Boot
Cuoio T30 Sandal
Cuoio T35 Bootie
Cuoio T70 Frangia Catena Bootie
Cuoio T70 Pump
Cuoio T95 Bootie
Cuoio ZZ Maxi Doppia Loafer - Women's
Decollete Pump
Fondo Sportivo 80A Micro Wedge Sneaker - Women's
Frangia Nappina Loafer - Men's
Frastaglio Frangia Loafer - Men's
Gomma Chelsea Boot
Gomma Espadrille Boat Shoe - Women's
Gomma Espadrille Wedge Sneaker
Gomma Fem 58A Tronchetto Bootie
Gomma Frangia Doppia Loafer
Gomma Frangia Sandal
Gomma Leggero Chelsea Boot - Women's
Gomma OV Fiocco Sandal
Gomma Para Loafer - Women's
Gomma Pes 39A Frangia Platform Oxford - Women's
Gomma Pes 39A Nappine Platform Loafer - Women's
Gomma Pes 39A Tronch Combat Boot - Women's
Gomma Pes 39A Tronch Platform Chelsea Boot
Gomma Pes Loafer - Women's
Gomma Pes Monk Strap Slip-On - Women's
Gomma Pesante Bootie
Gomma Pesante Chelsea Boot - Women's
Gomma Platform Monk Strap Slip-On - Women's
Gomma Rafia 36A Espadrille Slip-On
Gomma Rafia 96A Allac Espadrille Sneaker
Gomma Rafia TV Pantofola Pelle Slip-On - Women's
Gomma Rafia TV Pantofola Pelle Slip-On Women's
Gomma RV Bucature Wingtip Oxford
Gomma Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Gomma T100 Platform Sandal
Gomma T100 Pump
Gomma T105 41A Bootie
Gomma T105 41A Monk Fibbie Platform Bootie
Gomma T105 41A Stivaletto Platform Bootie
Gomma T105 Bootie
Gomma T110 Boot
Gomma T110 Bootie
Gomma T115 64A Stiv Allacciato Bootie
Gomma T115 64A Tron Ghetta Bootie
Gomma T25 Boot
Gomma T25 Chelsea Boot
Gomma T30 Loafer
Gomma T45 55A Decollete Pump
Gomma T50 59B Decollete Pump
Gomma T50 59B Loafer
Gomma T50 59B Tronchetto Bootie
Gomma T50 60B Sandalo Fiocco Sandal
Gomma T50 65A Mocass Doppia Platform Loafer
Gomma T50 Platform Bootie
Gomma T50 Platform Loafer - Women's
Gomma T50 Platform Oxford - Women's
Gomma T50 Platform Wingtip Oxford
Gomma T50 Platform Wingtip Oxford - Women's
Gomma T50 ZX Frangia Pump
Gomma T65 Cuoio 30A Decollete Pump
Gomma T70 40A Doppia Platform Bootie
Gomma T70 40A Tronch Doppia Platform Bootie
Gomma T70 62A Tronchetto Platform Chelsea Boot
Gomma T70 Bootie
Gomma T70 ZM Frangia Loafer
Gomma T85 Bootie
Gomma T85 Chelsea Boot
Gomma T85 Pump
Gomma T90 Pump
Gomma T95 Bootie
Gomma T95 Penny Loafer
Gomma T95 Pump
Gomma XC Loafer
Gomma XC Motorcycle Bootie
Gomma XC Tronchetto Bootie
Gomma XL 92B Frangia Nappine Loafer - Women's
Gomma XL 92B Mocassino Napp Loafer
Gomma XL 92B Traversina Loafer - Women's
Gomma XL Chelsea Boot - Women's
Gomma XL Oxford - Women's
Gomma XL Sneaker - Women's
Gomma XL Wingtip Oxford - Women's
Gomma XL ZQ Allacc Frangia Loafer - Women's
Gomma XL ZQ Allacciata Oxford - Women's
Gomma XL ZQ Mocassino Loafer - Women's
Gomma ZP Stivale Cuissard Over The Knee Boot
Gomma ZP Stivale Doppia Boot
Gomma ZS Tronchetto Chelsea Boot - Women's
Gommini 24B Pantofola Slip-On - Women's
Gommini Cinturino Flat
Gommini Frang Loafer
Gommini Loafer
Gommini Matel Loafer
Gommini Maxi Loafer
Gommini Mocassino Loafer
Gommini Nappine Loafer
Gommino Slip-On - Women's
Mocassino City Penny Loafer - Men's
Morsetto Clamp Loafer - Men's
New Laccetto Loafer - Men's
Nicol Polacco Bootie - Women's
Pant Elastico Slip-On - Men's
Pant Slip-On - Men's
Pantofola Cassetta Slip-On Sneaker - Men's
Pantofola Slip-On - Men's
Pantofola Tattoo Slip-On Sneaker - Men's
Sand Cuoio Gomma Sandal
Sand Fuxx 97A Tex Platform Sandal
Sand Plat G T110 Platform Sandal
Sandalo Gomma Sandal
Sandalo T105 Sandal
Sport Cassetta Mid-Top Sneaker - Women's
Sport Cassetta Sneaker
Sport Legg 14B Polac High-Top Sneaker - Women's
Sport Tattoo Sneaker - Women's
Sport XK Mid-Top Sneaker - Women's
Sport XK Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Sportivo Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Sportivo Sneaker - Women's
Sportivo XK Frangia Maxi Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Sportivo XK Frangia Origami Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Sportivo XK Ganci Strass Sneaker - Women's
Sportivo XK Maxi Doppia Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Sportivo XK Pantof Tattoo Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Sportivo XK Pantofola Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Sportivo XK Polacco Mid-Top Sneaker - Women's
Sportivo Yo Frangia Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Sportivo Yo Pantofola Slip-On Sneaker - Women's
Stivaletto Boot - Men's
Zeppa Gomma T50 Wedge Pump
Zeppa Gomma Wedge Pump
Zeppa Para Wedge Boot
Zeppa Wedge Sandal
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Earn 5% back on Tod's at DSW with SoLoyal!

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