Earn 5% back on Columbia at DSW with SoLoyal!

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Columbia at DSW

Earn loyalty points and benefits on Columbia at DSW.

Looking to earn loyalty points on Columbia at DSW? Here's a rewards guide for each Columbia product sold, exclusively for DSW VIP rewards members.

Every time you buy Columbia products at DSW you can earn DSW VIP member rewards and loyalty benefits. In the product guides below, SoLoyal teaches you how many points you can earn and how to maximize your benefits with each Columbia purchase as a loyalty member at DSW.

Bahama Vent Hightide Slip-On Sneaker - Men's
Bugaboot III Snow Boot - Men's
Bugaboot IV Snow Boot - Kids'
Casual Men's Leather Belt
Columbia River Sandal
Columbia Sandal
Columbia Sandal - Women's
Crestwood Hiking Shoe - Men's
Crestwood Hiking Shoe - Women's
Crestwood Mid Hiking Boot - Women's
Crestwood Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot - Men's
Crestwood Venture Trail Shoe - Men's
Crestwood Waterproof Hiking Boot - Women's
Drainmaker Trail Shoe - Women's
Facet 60 OutDry Hiking Shoe - Men's
Fairbanks Rover Boot - Men's
Fairbanks Snow Boot - Men's
Fairbanks Trail Shoe - Men's
Firecamp Snow Boot - Men's
Flow Borough Hiking Boot - Men's
Flow Centre Hiking Boot - Women's
Flow Centre Trail Shoe - Men's
Hike Men's Crew Socks - 2 Pack
Hood River Slide Sandal - Men's
Ice Maiden II Snow Boot - Women's
Ivo Trail Breeze Hiking Shoe - Men's
Le2 Sport Sandal
Low Drag PFG Sneaker - Men's
Meadows Shorty Snow Boot - Women's
Minx II Snow Boot - Kids'
Minx Mid III Snow Boot - Women's
Minx Shorty III Bootie - Women's
Newton Ridge Boot - Kids'
Newton Ridge Hiking Boot - Women's
Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot - Men's
Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot - Women's
Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boot - Men's
Pivot Hiking Shoe - Men's
Pivot Sneaker - Women's
Redmond Hiking Shoe - Kids'
Redmond v2 Hiking Boot - Men's
Rostra PFG Flip Flop
SH/FT Hiking Boot - Men's
SH/FT Trail Shoe - Men's
Slopside Village Snow Boot - Women's
Summertide Sneaker
Summertide Trail Shoe - Women's
Supersoft Marl Women's Crew Socks - 2 Pack
Supersoft Marled Women's Crew Socks - 2 Pack
Tidal Ray PFG Slide Sandal
Trailstorm Hiking Boot - Men's
Trailstorm Hiking Shoe - Women's
Trailstrom Hiking Boot - Men's
Trailstrom Hiking Boot - Women's
Vent Sneaker - Men's
Vitesse Fasttrack Hiking Shoe - Men's
Vitesse Mid Outdry Hiking Boot - Men's
Vitesse Mid Outdry Hiking Shoe - Men's
Vitesse Oxford - Women's
Vitesse Sneaker - Men's
Wool Blend Women's Crew Socks
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Earn 5% back on Columbia at DSW with SoLoyal!

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