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Hillside Shopping Centre: How to earn rewards at Hillside Shopping Centre in your area

Addition Elle Rewards

This guide explores how to earn rewards at Addition Elle, Hillside Shopping Centre, located at 1644 Hillside Avenue #21, Victoria, BC, V8T 2C5. Because of its retail footprint inside of Hillside Shopping Centre, there’s a good chance that Addition Elle has a rewards program. You should definitely check this in advance of shopping there, but rest assured that if the loyalty program of Addition Elle is active SoLoyal will help you track all of your points and rewards.

In order to predict how much you’ll earn as a member of Addition Elle rewards, we’ve taken the example of many common loyalty programs in order to model out how your rewards earnings might look over time as a Addition Elle member.

For example, many rewards programs have multiple points-earning tiers enabling you to earn a sliding scale or points per dollar spent. Typically this can range from 1 point per dollar to 10 point per dollar, and in order to project your rewards earnings at Addition Elle in Hillside Shopping Centre we’ve modeled points-earning strategies of 2 points per dollar, 3 points per dollar, and 5 points per dollar. Assuming a purchase price of $154, that means you could earn up to 770 points on a trip to Addition Elle in Hillside Shopping Centre, your area.

Addition Elle Hillside Shopping Centre Earnings Table

The following chart breaks down how to maximize your earnings earnings with Addition Elle Rewards.

Per $1Points EarnedPurchase PricePoints LeftSpend Left
2 per $1308$154692
3 per $1462$154538
5 per $1770$154230

In our example, we’re figuring on a threshold of 1,000 points in order to earn a $10 reward. This is a fairly common loyalty program design, and if this were to be utilized at Addition Elle then here is the rewards breakdown you could expect while shopping at this store’s Hillside Shopping Centre location at 1644 Hillside Avenue #21, Victoria, BC, V8T 2C5.

2 Points Per Dollar: At the earnings rate of 2 points per dollar spent, you would earn 308 points on a $154 purchase and you will have to earn additional points (692 points) in order to earn a reward. This means you will have to spend more money ($346.00 more) to reach the $500 spending threshold. You’ll then get a $10 reward which would represent 2% back in rewards on your original purchase.

3 Points Per Dollar: If you were to earn 3 points per dollar on a $154 purchase, you would earn 462 points. This means that you will have to earn additional points (538 points) to achieve a reward. The increase in points earned per dollar means your $10 reward would now represent 3% back in rewards. In this situation you will have to spend more money ($179.33 more) in order to earn a reward.

5 Points Per Dollar: Getting 5 points per dollar on a $154 purchase at Addition Elle, means you would earn 770 points. On this purchase you will have to earn additional points (230 points) to cross the threshold for earning a reward. Your  $10 reward would now represent 5% back in rewards. At this level you will have to spend more money ($46.00 more) to get rewarded.

Addition Elle Hillside Shopping Centre Overview

Addition Elle is a store located in Hillside Shopping Centre at 1644 Hillside Avenue #21, Victoria, BC, V8T 2C5. As one of the more popular stores in your area, you’ll find a great variety of Hillside Shopping Centre items in the following categories:

Products for your wardrobe, home, or office.

Gifts for friends and family

Hillside Shopping Centre Rewards Program

In addition to the individual rewards programs that are run independently by stores within Hillside Shopping Centre, the mall itself may have a rewards program. In fact, some malls have their very own app. The Hillside Shopping Centre app may help you find parking at Hillside Shopping Centre and discounts on your purchases at every store, including Addition Elle.

Hillside Shopping Centre Mall Discount

While you’re shopping in your area, you’ll definitely want to check in advance for any discounts at Addition Elle. While there might be some Addition Elle coupons out there, you might also want to explore any rewards or loyalty programs that are available.

Discount Mall Near Me (your area)

If you’re looking for a mall discount at Hillside Shopping Centre, it’s definitely worth joining SoLoyal. If you’re shopping at Addition Elle, SoLoyal will check if there is a loyalty program available. You can then join Addition Elle rewards instantly and SoLoyal will start checking for any available members-only rewards that you may not know about. This not only works for Addition Elle, but for all stores in Hillside Shopping Centre and at any other store in your area.

Hillside Shopping Centre Store Directory

Hillside Shopping Centre has dozens of stores, including Addition Elle. It can be very complicated to understand how to earn rewards across all of these stores, but fortunately SoLoyal has the perfect solution to this problem. SoLoyal tracks any Addition Elle points and rewards all in one place. There’s no need to remember numerous passwords and you won’t need to fumble around with several apps while you’re walking through Hillside Shopping Centre.

Hillside Shopping Centre Hours

Hillside Shopping Centre is open from approximately 9am – 9pm. These are general mall hours and are subject to the specific opening and closing schedule of this mall. Before planning your trip to Hillside Shopping Centre, you should confirm these hours.

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How Does SoLoyal Work?

When you’re shopping at the local mall in your area, it can help save you a ton of money to look for discounts at Hillside Shopping Centre. As great as it would be to know about all rewards at all times, it can be pretty difficult to sniff out and find loyalty member discounts which are usually not publicly available. There may be loyalty points, rewards, and hidden members-only offers at Addition Elle in Hillside Shopping Centre that are waiting to be discovered, and SoLoyal can help you find them.

With the average U.S. household joining 35-40 loyalty programs, many of those accounts are not properly managed. A typical family in the U.S. loses thousands of dollars per year in missed rewards opportunities, including those that many be found at Addition Elle stores in Hillside Shopping Centre, your area. SoLoyal helps you save money by making sure you don’t miss rewards when shopping at Addition Elle.

With SoLoyal, you don’t need to download the Hillside Shopping Centre app or log into their website in order to check your Addition Elle rewards because SoLoyal does it all for you.

Earn rewards at Addition Elle, Hillside Shopping Centre!