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About MyFlightSearch Rewards

While the biggest travel booking sites on the web usually grab all the attention, sometimes going through the relative little guy can produce highly impactful results, and that's what the folks at MyFlightSearch are offering with their stellar flight, car and hotel booking engine. Specializing in the ability to discover and present cheap flights, travelers have reveled in the website's ease of use and the ability to quickly compare rates across airlines and destinations. In addition, the site has a great feature that lets you filter your travel destination by interest, such as travel for senior citizens, travel deals for students, travel rates for military personnel, and travel for those looking only for red eye flights. In addition, and in contrast to some of the big flight price aggregators, you'll get personal service that is accessible via phone. 

Earn loyalty points and rewards, and get Special Member Benefits at MyFlightSearch:

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MyFlightSearch is supported by SoLoyal. That means that if there is a discount available here, you'll get it as a member of SoLoyal.

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SoLoyal allows you to track and manage your loyalty rewards and benefits everywhere. That means for MyFlightSearch or any Travel brand's loyalty program, you don't have to download the MyFlightSearch app or go to their website in order to view and redeem your member rewards.

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You can login to your MyFlightSearch account with SoLoyal. SoLoyal finds points, rewards, and members-only discounts at all your favorite brands, including MyFlightSearch.

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With SoLoyal you can automatically track your MyFlightSearch account, including any available MyFlightSearch rewards. Since MyFlightSearch does not have an official loyalty program, SoLoyal will watch for any upcoming members-only benefits and offers and get them for you.

SoLoyal works by enabling you to track all your loyalty points and member rewards at any brand that has a loyalty program. If applicable, you can check your MyFlightSearch rewards balance, rewards or points expiration, current account status and what is needed to reach your next reward as a member of the MyFlightSearch loyalty program.

As a member of SoLoyal, you won’t have to keep checking back for new rewards as SoLoyal will continually search for membership benefits for you automatically. In addition, as soon as you join SoLoyal, you’ll get any members-only discounts or offers that are available to you. You don’t have to remember to ask MyFlightSearch for a discount or apply to be a member.

Your MyFlightSearch member rewards and other Travel rewards are subject to the brand’s specific terms and may not be offered at all times. SoLoyal will always provide up to date info on which discounts are available at MyFlightSearch.

Simply visit MyFlightSearch on SoLoyal to get started. 

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