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With a robust fleet of 303 planes, and operating 346 routes, Air Canada provides excellent service on more than 1,600 daily flights that reach over 100 destinations. Whenever you book an Air Canada flight, You'll earn Aeroplan points, qualifying miles and awards, and you'll get all the membership benefits that Air Canada's loyalty program has to offer. SoLoyal tracks and manages your Air Canada Aeroplan membership automatically for you so you can take part in everything this great program has to offer.

Atlanta (ATL) to Toronto (YYZ)
Bathurst (ZBF) to Montreal (YUL)
Boston (BOS) to Montreal (YUL)
Boston (BOS) to Toronto (YYZ)
Calgary (YYC) to Cancun (CUN)
Calgary (YYC) to Edmonton (YEG)
Calgary (YYC) to Fort McMurray (YMM)
Calgary (YYC) to Grande Prairie (YQU)
Calgary (YYC) to Halifax (YHZ)
Calgary (YYC) to Kamloops (YKA)
Calgary (YYC) to Kelowna (YLW)
Calgary (YYC) to Las Vegas (LAS)
Calgary (YYC) to Montreal (YUL)
Calgary (YYC) to Nanaimo (YCD)
Calgary (YYC) to Ottawa (YOW)
Calgary (YYC) to Phoenix (PHX)
Calgary (YYC) to Puerto Vallarta (PVR)
Calgary (YYC) to Regina (YQR)
Calgary (YYC) to San Francisco (SFO)
Calgary (YYC) to Saskatoon (YXE)
Calgary (YYC) to Toronto (YYZ)
Calgary (YYC) to Vancouver (YVR)
Calgary (YYC) to Victoria (YYJ)
Calgary (YYC) to Winnipeg (YWG)
Calgary (YYC) to Yellowknife (YZF)
Calgary(YYC) to Seattle(BFI)
Cancun (CUN) to Calgary (YYC)
Cancun (CUN) to Halifax (YHZ)
Cancun (CUN) to Montreal (YUL)
Cancun (CUN) to Ottawa (YOW)
Cancun (CUN) to Toronto (YYZ)
Cancun (CUN) to Vancouver (YVR)
Cancun (CUN) to Winnipeg (YWG)
Castlegar (YCG) to Vancouver (YVR)
Charlottetown (YYG) to Montreal (YUL)
Charlottetown (YYG) to Toronto (YYZ)
Chicago (ORD) to Montreal (YUL)
Chicago (ORD) to Toronto (YYZ)
Chicago (ORD) to Vancouver (YVR)
Cleveland (CLE) to Toronto (YYZ)
Columbus (CMH) to Toronto (YYZ)
Comox (YQQ) to Vancouver (YVR)
Cranbrook (YXC) to Vancouver (YVR)
Dallas (DFW) to Toronto (YYZ)
Deer Lake (YDF) to Halifax (YHZ)
Deer Lake (YDF) to Montreal (YUL)
Deer Lake (YDF) to Toronto (YYZ)
Denver (DEN) to Montreal (YUL)
Denver (DEN) to Toronto (YYZ)
Denver (DEN) to Vancouver (YVR)
Detroit (DTW) to Toronto (YYZ)
Edmonton (YEG) to Calgary (YYC)
Edmonton (YEG) to Montreal (YUL)
Edmonton (YEG) to Toronto (YYZ)
Edmonton (YEG) to Vancouver (YVR)
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Montreal (YUL)
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Ottawa (YOW)
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Toronto (YYZ)
Fort McMurray (YMM) to Calgary (YYC)
Fort McMurray (YMM) to Toronto (YYZ)
Fort Myers (RSW) to Montreal (YUL)
Fort Myers (RSW) to Toronto (YYZ)
Fort St. John (YXJ) to Vancouver (YVR)
Fredericton (YFC) to Montreal (YUL)
Fredericton (YFC) to Toronto (YYZ)
Gander (YQX) to Halifax (YHZ)
George Town (GGT) to Toronto (YYZ)
Goose Bay (YYR) to St. John’s (YYT)
Grande Prairie (YQU) to Calgary (YYC)
Halifax (YHZ) to Calgary (YYC)
Halifax (YHZ) to Cancun (CUN)
Halifax (YHZ) to Deer Lake (YDF)
Halifax (YHZ) to Gander (YQX)
Halifax (YHZ) to Montreal (YUL)
Halifax (YHZ) to Orlando (MCO)
Halifax (YHZ) to Ottawa (YOW)
Halifax (YHZ) to St. John’s (YYT)
Halifax (YHZ) to Sydney (YQY)
Halifax (YHZ) to Tampa (TPA)
Halifax (YHZ) to Toronto (YYZ)
Houston (IAH) to Montreal (YUL)
Houston (IAH) to Toronto (YYZ)
Kamloops (YKA) to Calgary (YYC)
Kamloops (YKA) to Vancouver (YVR)
Kelowna (YLW) to Calgary (YYC)
Kelowna (YLW) to Montreal (YUL)
Kelowna (YLW) to Toronto (YYZ)
Kelowna (YLW) to Vancouver (YVR)
Las Vegas (LAS) to Calgary (YYC)
Las Vegas (LAS) to Toronto (YYZ)
Las Vegas (LAS) to Vancouver (YVR)
Liberia (LIR) to Montreal (YUL)
Liberia (LIR) to Toronto (YYZ)
Lima (LIM) to Toronto (YYZ)
London (YXU) to Toronto (YYZ)
Los Angeles (LAX) to Montreal (YUL)
Los Angeles (LAX) to Toronto (YYZ)
Los Angeles (LAX) to Vancouver (YVR)
Los Angeles (LAX) to Winnipeg (YWG)
Mexico City (MEX) to Montreal (YUL)
Mexico City (MEX) to Toronto (YYZ)
Mexico City (MEX) to Vancouver (YVR)
Miami (MIA) to Montreal (YUL)
Minneapolis (MSP) to Toronto (YYZ)
Moncton (YQM) to Montreal (YUL)
Moncton (YQM) to Toronto (YYZ)
Montreal (YMX) to Toronto (YYZ)
Montreal (YUL) to Bathurst (ZBF)
Montreal (YUL) to Boston (BOS)
Montreal (YUL) to Calgary (YYC)
Montreal (YUL) to Cancun (CUN)
Montreal (YUL) to Charlottetown (YYG)
Montreal (YUL) to Chicago (ORD)
Montreal (YUL) to Deer Lake (YDF)
Montreal (YUL) to Denver (DEN)
Montreal (YUL) to Edmonton (YEG)
Montreal (YUL) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Montreal (YUL) to Fort Myers (RSW)
Montreal (YUL) to Fredericton (YFC)
Montreal (YUL) to Halifax (YHZ)
Montreal (YUL) to Houston (IAH)
Montreal (YUL) to Kelowna (YLW)
Montreal (YUL) to Liberia (LIR)
Montreal (YUL) to Los Angeles (LAX)
Montreal (YUL) to Mexico City (MEX)
Montreal (YUL) to Miami (MIA)
Montreal (YUL) to Moncton (YQM)
Montreal (YUL) to New York (EWR)
Montreal (YUL) to New York (LGA)
Montreal (YUL) to Ottawa (YOW)
Montreal (YUL) to Philadelphia (PHL)
Montreal (YUL) to Puerto Vallarta (PVR)
Montreal (YUL) to Quebec (YQB)
Montreal (YUL) to Rouyn (YUY)
Montreal (YUL) to Saguenay (YBG)
Montreal (YUL) to Saint John (YSJ)
Montreal (YUL) to San Francisco (SFO)
Montreal (YUL) to San Jose (SJO)
Montreal (YUL) to Sept-Iles (YZV)
Montreal (YUL) to St. John’s (YYT)
Montreal (YUL) to Sydney (YQY)
Montreal (YUL) to Toronto (YYZ)
Montreal (YUL) to Vancouver (YVR)
Montreal (YUL) to Washington (DCA)
Montreal (YUL) to Washington (IAD)
Montreal (YUL) to Winnipeg (YWG)
Montreal (YUL) to Zihuatanejo (ZIH)
Nanaimo (YCD) to Calgary (YYC)
Nanaimo (YCD) to Vancouver (YVR)
Nashville (BNA) to Toronto (YYZ)
New York (EWR) to Montreal (YUL)
New York (EWR) to Ottawa (YOW)
New York (EWR) to Toronto (YYZ)
New York (LGA) to Montreal (YUL)
New York (LGA) to Toronto (YYZ)
North Bay (YYB) to Toronto (YYZ)
Orlando (MCO) to Halifax (YHZ)
Orlando (MCO) to Ottawa (YOW)
Orlando (MCO) to Toronto (YYZ)
Ottawa (YOW) to Calgary (YYC)
Ottawa (YOW) to Cancun (CUN)
Ottawa (YOW) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Ottawa (YOW) to Halifax (YHZ)
Ottawa (YOW) to Montreal (YUL)
Ottawa (YOW) to Orlando (MCO)
Ottawa (YOW) to Tampa (TPA)
Ottawa (YOW) to Toronto (YYZ)
Ottawa (YOW) to Vancouver (YVR)
Palm Springs (PSP) to Vancouver (YVR)
Penticton (YYF) to Vancouver (YVR)
Philadelphia (PHL) to Montreal (YUL)
Philadelphia (PHL) to Toronto (YYZ)
Phoenix (PHX) to Calgary (YYC)
Phoenix (PHX) to Toronto (YYZ)
Phoenix (PHX) to Vancouver (YVR)
Pittsburgh (PIT) to Toronto (YYZ)
Portland (PDX) to Vancouver (YVR)
Prince George (YXS) to Vancouver (YVR)
Prince Rupert (YPR) to Vancouver (YVR)
Puerto Vallarta (PVR) to Calgary (YYC)
Puerto Vallarta (PVR) to Montreal (YUL)
Puerto Vallarta (PVR) to Toronto (YYZ)
Puerto Vallarta (PVR) to Vancouver (YVR)
Quebec (YQB) to Montreal (YUL)
Quebec (YQB) to Toronto (YYZ)
Raleigh-Durham (RDU) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Raleigh-Durham (RDU) to Toronto (YYZ)
Regina (YQR) to Calgary (YYC)
Regina (YQR) to Toronto (YYZ)
Regina (YQR) to Vancouver (YVR)
Rouyn (YUY) to Montreal (YUL)
Saguenay (YBG) to Montreal (YUL)
Saint John (YSJ) to Montreal (YUL)
Saint John (YSJ) to Toronto (YYZ)
San Diego (SAN) to Vancouver (YVR)
San Francisco (SFO) to Calgary (YYC)
San Francisco (SFO) to Montreal (YUL)
San Francisco (SFO) to Toronto (YYZ)
San Francisco (SFO) to Vancouver (YVR)
San Jose (SJO) to Montreal (YUL)
San Jose (SJO) to Toronto (YYZ)
San Jose del Cabo (SJD) to Vancouver (YVR)
Sandspit (YZP) to Vancouver (YVR)
Santa Ana (SNA) to Vancouver (YVR)
Sao Paulo (GRU) to Buenos Aires (EZE)
Saskatoon (YXE) to Calgary (YYC)
Saskatoon (YXE) to Toronto (YYZ)
Saskatoon (YXE) to Vancouver (YVR)
Sault Ste. Marie (YAM) to Toronto (YYZ)
Seattle (SEA) to Toronto (YYZ)
Seattle (SEA) to Vancouver (YVR)
Sept-Iles (YZV) to Montreal (YUL)
Smithers (YYD) to Vancouver (YVR)
St. John’s (YYT) to Goose Bay (YYR)
St. John’s (YYT) to Halifax (YHZ)
St. John’s (YYT) to Montreal (YUL)
St. John’s (YYT) to Toronto (YYZ)
St. Louis (CPS) to New York (EWR)
Sudbury (YSB) to Toronto (YYZ)
Sydney (YQY) to Halifax (YHZ)
Sydney (YQY) to Montreal (YUL)
Sydney (YQY) to Toronto (YYZ)
Tampa (TPA) to Halifax (YHZ)
Tampa (TPA) to Ottawa (YOW)
Tampa (TPA) to Raleigh-Durham (RDU)
Terrace (YXT) to Vancouver (YVR)
Thunder Bay (YQT) to Toronto (YYZ)
Timmins (YTS) to Toronto (YYZ)
Toronto (YYZ) to Atlanta (ATL)
Toronto (YYZ) to Boston (BOS)
Toronto (YYZ) to Calgary (YYC)
Toronto (YYZ) to Cancun (CUN)
Toronto (YYZ) to Charlottetown (YYG)
Toronto (YYZ) to Chicago (ORD)
Toronto (YYZ) to Cleveland (CLE)
Toronto (YYZ) to Columbus (CMH)
Toronto (YYZ) to Dallas (DFW)
Toronto (YYZ) to Deer Lake (YDF)
Toronto (YYZ) to Denver (DEN)
Toronto (YYZ) to Detroit (DTW)
Toronto (YYZ) to Edmonton (YEG)
Toronto (YYZ) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Toronto (YYZ) to Fort McMurray (YMM)
Toronto (YYZ) to Fort Myers (RSW)
Toronto (YYZ) to Fredericton (YFC)
Toronto (YYZ) to George Town (GGT)
Toronto (YYZ) to Halifax (YHZ)
Toronto (YYZ) to Houston (IAH)
Toronto (YYZ) to Kelowna (YLW)
Toronto (YYZ) to Las Vegas (LAS)
Toronto (YYZ) to Liberia (LIR)
Toronto (YYZ) to Lima (LIM)
Toronto (YYZ) to London (YXU)
Toronto (YYZ) to Los Angeles (LAX)
Toronto (YYZ) to Mexico City (MEX)
Toronto (YYZ) to Minneapolis (MSP)
Toronto (YYZ) to Moncton (YQM)
Toronto (YYZ) to Montreal (YUL)
Toronto (YYZ) to Nashville (BNA)
Toronto (YYZ) to New York (EWR)
Toronto (YYZ) to New York (LGA)
Toronto (YYZ) to North Bay (YYB)
Toronto (YYZ) to Orlando (MCO)
Toronto (YYZ) to Ottawa (YOW)
Toronto (YYZ) to Philadelphia (PHL)
Toronto (YYZ) to Phoenix (PHX)
Toronto (YYZ) to Pittsburgh (PIT)
Toronto (YYZ) to Puerto Vallarta (PVR)
Toronto (YYZ) to Quebec (YQB)
Toronto (YYZ) to Raleigh-Durham (RDU)
Toronto (YYZ) to Regina (YQR)
Toronto (YYZ) to Saint John (YSJ)
Toronto (YYZ) to San Francisco (SFO)
Toronto (YYZ) to San Jose (SJO)
Toronto (YYZ) to Saskatoon (YXE)
Toronto (YYZ) to Sault Ste. Marie (YAM)
Toronto (YYZ) to Seattle (SEA)
Toronto (YYZ) to St. John’s (YYT)
Toronto (YYZ) to Sudbury (YSB)
Toronto (YYZ) to Sydney (YQY)
Toronto (YYZ) to Thunder Bay (YQT)
Toronto (YYZ) to Timmins (YTS)
Toronto (YYZ) to Trois-Rivieres (YRQ)
Toronto (YYZ) to Vancouver (YVR)
Toronto (YYZ) to Victoria (YYJ)
Toronto (YYZ) to Washington (DCA)
Toronto (YYZ) to Washington (IAD)
Toronto (YYZ) to Windsor (YQG)
Toronto (YYZ) to Winnipeg (YWG)
Vancouver (YVR) to Calgary (YYC)
Vancouver (YVR) to Cancun (CUN)
Vancouver (YVR) to Castlegar (YCG)
Vancouver (YVR) to Chicago (ORD)
Vancouver (YVR) to Comox (YQQ)
Vancouver (YVR) to Cranbrook (YXC)
Vancouver (YVR) to Denver (DEN)
Vancouver (YVR) to Edmonton (YEG)
Vancouver (YVR) to Fort St. John (YXJ)
Vancouver (YVR) to Kamloops (YKA)
Vancouver (YVR) to Kelowna (YLW)
Vancouver (YVR) to Las Vegas (LAS)
Vancouver (YVR) to Los Angeles (LAX)
Vancouver (YVR) to Mexico City (MEX)
Vancouver (YVR) to Montreal (YUL)
Vancouver (YVR) to Nanaimo (YCD)
Vancouver (YVR) to Ottawa (YOW)
Vancouver (YVR) to Palm Springs (PSP)
Vancouver (YVR) to Penticton (YYF)
Vancouver (YVR) to Phoenix (PHX)
Vancouver (YVR) to Portland (PDX)
Vancouver (YVR) to Prince George (YXS)
Vancouver (YVR) to Prince Rupert (YPR)
Vancouver (YVR) to Puerto Vallarta (PVR)
Vancouver (YVR) to Regina (YQR)
Vancouver (YVR) to San Diego (SAN)
Vancouver (YVR) to San Francisco (SFO)
Vancouver (YVR) to San Jose del Cabo (SJD)
Vancouver (YVR) to Sandspit (YZP)
Vancouver (YVR) to Santa Ana (SNA)
Vancouver (YVR) to Saskatoon (YXE)
Vancouver (YVR) to Seattle (SEA)
Vancouver (YVR) to Smithers (YYD)
Vancouver (YVR) to Terrace (YXT)
Vancouver (YVR) to Toronto (YYZ)
Vancouver (YVR) to Victoria (YWH)
Vancouver (YVR) to Victoria (YYJ)
Vancouver (YVR) to Whitehorse (YXY)
Vancouver (YVR) to Winnipeg (YWG)
Vancouver (YVR) to Zihuatanejo (ZIH)
Victoria (YYJ) to Calgary (YYC)
Victoria (YYJ) to Toronto (YYZ)
Victoria (YYJ) to Vancouver (YVR)
Washington (DCA) to Montreal (YUL)
Washington (DCA) to Toronto (YYZ)
Washington (IAD) to Montreal (YUL)
Washington (IAD) to Toronto (YYZ)
Whitehorse (YXY) to Vancouver (YVR)
Windsor (YQG) to Toronto (YYZ)
Winnipeg (YWG) to Calgary (YYC)
Winnipeg (YWG) to Cancun (CUN)
Winnipeg (YWG) to Montreal (YUL)
Winnipeg (YWG) to Toronto (YYZ)
Winnipeg (YWG) to Vancouver (YVR)
Yellowknife (YZF) to Calgary (YYC)
Zihuatanejo (ZIH) to Montreal (YUL)
Zihuatanejo (ZIH) to Vancouver (YVR)
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