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SoLoyal - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SoLoyal tracks and manages your loyalty points and rewards across hundreds of your favorite brands. You can enroll in new loyalty programs at the tap of a button, and if you’re already a member of a brand’s loyalty program SoLoyal can track that for you, too.

With SoLoyal you won’t have to worry about your points or rewards expiring. It’s like having a second set of (very sharp) eyes always looking out for your multiple loyalty program accounts and making sure that you never miss valuable membership benefits.

No more sign up forms or logging in to multiple apps. SoLoyal is a single place for all your rewards.

Nope! SoLoyal is a not a loyalty program and we don’t issue our own points or rewards. As a member of SoLoyal, you’ll join the loyalty programs of hundreds of different brands and you’ll earn all the rewards that they have to offer. We make it simple and fun to participate in these programs and we automate the process of keeping track of it all.

No. We don’t issue any of our own points, currency or cashback. The brands you shop at every day are pretty good at designing valuable loyalty programs, and we want to help you make the most of being a member in each one. So rather than issuing our own rewards, SoLoyal makes it easy to track your points and earn rewards in other loyalty programs.

Hundreds! SoLoyal works with tons of different brands across the entire shopping experience. From retailers like Bloomingdale’s and Kohl’s to beauty and cosmetics brands like Sephora and Ulta Beauty, SoLoyal has it all. You’ll also find restaurants, entertainment brands, hotels, airlines, and more.

Wherever you like to earn rewards, you’ll find your favorite brand on SoLoyal.

You can enroll in any program directly through SoLoyal. Just search for your favorite brand or loyalty program and become a member with a single tap. We’ve got you covered so you’ll never miss rewards no matter where you shop.

Just select the loyalty program that you’d like to link, enter your account info and watch the magic happen. You’ll see your points and rewards balances conveniently displayed directly in SoLoyal, and you’ll always know exactly what you need to do to reach your next reward.

You bet! SoLoyal supports hundreds of loyalty programs, and we don’t expect you to remember whether or not you’re a member of each one. SoLoyal will find your loyalty memberships and conveniently add them to your dashboard for you. You might be surprised at how many points and rewards you have sitting on your old accounts.

The same way you always do! When you make an online or in-store purchase, just identify yourself as a member of that brand’s loyalty program at checkout. This can happen in a store by identifying yourself to the sales rep, or online by simply logging into your account before you purchase something.

Once you link that loyalty program to SoLoyal, you’ll see your points and rewards balance update in your dashboard. The rules of each brand’s loyalty program are built right into our technology, so we’ll keep track of your points automatically and let you know when your next reward is coming.

Yep! Did you know that a single loyalty program can have several different expiration dates for things like points, rewards and status levels? We’ll keep an eye on these important dates and we’ll let you know before something expires. For example, when it’s time to redeem your reward, we’ll remind you before you lose it.

We’ll tell you! The value of a brand’s loyalty points can vary a lot from program to program and we know how frustrating it can be to understand and remember it all. SoLoyal tracks your points and lets you know when you have rewards that can be redeemed. So just keep shopping and earning. SoLoyal takes care of everything else for you.

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