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We make it simple and fun to discover, join and track your favorite loyalty programs.

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Billions of dollars in rewards are “sleeping” on member accounts.

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Programs Joined

The average U.S. household enrolls in more than 30 loyalty programs.

60 %

The majority of Loyalty members are inactive in their programs. 

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No more manually signing up for new rewards programs or signing in to different accounts. No more guessing how many loyalty points you have and when your next reward is coming.

We’re maximizing the value of all your loyalty programs, helping you get the most out of  your benefits and making sure that you never miss a reward.

Here's what moves us

We’re obsessed with transforming the brand loyalty experience and creating innovative ways of driving value for the long term, for both brands and consumers.

Our technology works across thousands of brands, providing a seamless and automated loyalty rewards experience. Shopping and earning rewards should be easy and fun and we’re having a great time making it feel that way!


Rewards, unwasted.

SoLoyal helps you maximize loyalty points and rewards.
71 %

Of people would be more likely to use their Rewards
if they were available on their mobile phones.

76 %

Don’t use rewards that they earn

38 %

Never know rewards are Available

43 %

Lose rewards because they expire