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SoLoyal is the world’s only platform where loyalty lovers discover, join, and track hundreds of loyalty programs.

Access an engaged community that’s looking to harness the full power of your program by making repeat purchases and getting rewarded for their loyalty.

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New Member Acquisition

With single tap in SoLoyal, highly-qualified new customers will join your loyalty program.

We don’t do clicks or lead generation forms. We’re talking about fully-enrolled members.

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Engagement & Retention

Once connected, members see their points, rewards, status and offers from your loyalty program within SoLoyal.

Loyalty account updates are delivered automatically by SoLoyal, keeping your members engaged and retained for longer.

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Zero Integration

Once a new customer joins your program via SoLoyal, the member appears in your CRM instantly. Our technology enables unidirectional integration, meaning no collaboration is required with your team. 

You are NOT responsible for:

✘ Setup Fees
✘ Technical Integration
✘ Web Developers

✘ API Development
✘ Campaign Management
✘ Ongoing Maintenance

Only Pay When it Works

SoLoyal drives your loyalty program forward, getting you in front of the audience that’s looking for you.

All campaigns are run on a CPA basis, with conversions occurring when a fully-enrolled loyalty program member hits your CRM.

You’ll get primary placement and promotion:

Homepage Placement
Featured Badge
 Search Ranking   

Email Feature
Push Notification Alerts
Sign Up “Packs”


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