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The Best Scotiabank Credit Cards for Scene+ Points

Scotiabank offers 8 different Scene+ credit cards, all of which enable you to earn Scene+ points. These cards vary quite a bit in terms of their annual cost, points-earning mechanisms and whether or not they offer sign up bonuses. We'll break it all down so you can choose the best card.

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The Best Scotiabank Credit Cards for Scene+ Points - What's in this guide?

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Scene+ vs. Scotia Rewards

Scotiabank used to have a standalone loyalty program called Scotia Rewards, but in December of 2021 it was replaced with Scene+. This was a merger of two successful loyalty programs, Scotia Rewards and Cineplex's Scene. Scotia Rewards members were automatically converted to Scene+ members, enabling them more opportunities to earn and redeem points.

How do I earn points with a Scotiabank Credit Card?

Each Scotiabank card has a different set of rules for earning points. The specific card you get will determine how many points per dollar you get, and this also varies based on where you shop. For example, travel purchases may earn a different number of points per dollar than grocery shopping. Let's take a look at the various options for Scotiabank Credit Cards and how you can use them to earn Scene+ points.

Scene Visa Card for Students

You'll earn 1,250 points on signup (after your first purchase), plus 5 points per $1 spent at Cineplex. All other purchases will earn you 1 point per dollar. The card has no annual fee.

Scotiabank American Express Card

Once you spend $500 in the first 3 months after opening the card, you'll be rewarded with 5,000 Scene+ points. From there you'll rack up 1 point per $1 spent on all your purchases made with the card, and you can enjoy a $0 annual fee.

Scene Visa Card

This card grants you 5,000 bonus points once you spend $750 within 3 months of card opening. Then, you'll earn 5 points per $1 on Cineplex purchases and 1 point per $1 on all other purchases. Not bad considering the card has no annual fee.

ScotiaGold Passport Visa Card

This card carries a $110 annual fee, but comes with a 5,000-point bonus as soon as you make your first purchase. From there you'll earn 1 point per $1 spent on all your purchases, and you'll also get 5% cash back on all travel booked with Scene+ Travel.

Scotiabank Gold American Express Card

This card gives you up to 45,000 bonus points within the first year of account opening, depending on what you purchase. You'll also get 5 points per $1 spent on groceries, dining, and entertainment, making this a fantastic card for everyday shopping. From there you can expect 3 points per $1 spent on gas and transit, as well as some streaming services, while all other purchases will earn you 1 point per $1 spent. These benefits are significant and help to justify the $120 annual fee.

Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card

You'll get a maximum of 35,000 bonus points within the first year of card approval and you'll also get 2 points per $1 spent on groceries, dining, and entertainment and transit. All other purchases will earn you 1 point per $1 spent. This card carries a hefty but not astronomical $139 annual fee.

Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Business

At $199, the yearly fee for this card starts to become a factor, but it is offset by the 40,000 bonus points that you get for opening the card. You'll also net 1.5 points per $1 spent on all business purchases.

Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card

You'll get up to 60,000 bonus points when you become a cardholder, and you'll also get 2x Scene+ points on every $1 spent with the card. At a $399 annual fee, this card is quite pricey, but you'll see the rewards and benefits rack up fast.

Will I lose my Scotia Scene+ points if I close my account?

Since Scotiabank does not directly operate Scene+, you won't have to worry about losing your points if you close a credit card account with Scotiabank. This works differently than Scotia Rewards, which was directly tied to your status with the bank. This independent loyalty account is a great benefit of the Scotia Bank / Cineplex partnership, enabling you to earn points across numerous retailers, without the risk of losing your points due to account closures.

Do Scotiabank Credit Card Scene+ Points Expire?

If your account goes inactive for a period of 24 months, your points will expire. However as long as you make a points-earning purchase, or even just redeem points for a reward, your account will remain active and your points won't expire.

Final Thoughts

Scotiabank Credit Cards offer some of the best points-earning options out there for Scene+. Depending on which card you choose, you can rack up points and rewards fairly quickly, especially if your card comes with a signup bonus. And for those who prefer to avoid the annual fee, Scotiabank offers a few cards that allow you to earn Scene+ points on every purchase, without the recurring cost. If you need a refresher on which Scotiabank Card is best for you, feel free to drop by any time!

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