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The SoLoyal Team
The SoLoyal Team

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Getting from Loyalty Points to Rewards with SoLoyal

The average American family belongs to 35-40 loyalty programs, so we understand why keeping tabs on all your accounts is a lot of work. In this post we'll cover the inherent issues with managing all of your loyalty accounts and we'll teach you how to turn your points into rewards easily and efficiently, with minimal effort on your part.

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Getting from Loyalty Points to Rewards with SoLoyal - What's in this guide?

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So What's the Problem?

Keeping track of 35 or 40 loyalty program accounts is a lot of work. You became a member in these programs so that you can realize the many benefits that are packed inside, but at some point you probably threw your hands up and admitted defeat. Maybe your phone screen got cluttered with too many loyalty program apps, or maybe you forgot your password to each of your loyalty accounts. Perhaps you are able to login, but you can't understand the various points and rewards mechanisms that brands use in order to calculate how much they actually owe you for being a member. We'll cover each of these issues here.

Too Many Apps

The average person has between 40-50 apps on their phone. If you were to add all your loyalty programs to this mix, your phone screen would balloon to around 80-90 apps! That means that half of the apps on your phone would be just devoted to managing the various loyalty programs in which you're a member. Consumers who do this are bombarded with push notifications from multiple brands, most of which contain marketing messages that have nothing to do with the value-producing aspects of their loyalty programs.

Forgot Your Usernames / Passwords

Each loyalty program you join asks you to create a new user. Some of them accept your email address, while others want you to use your phone number. Others still want you to create a unique username that has nothing to do with your email or phone. From here, you may be asked to set a specific set of security questions that are required on login, or you may need to enable two-factor authentication in order to access your account. When you consider the amount of effort and memorization required just to access your loyalty programs, it's no surprise that most people stop using their accounts. The worst part is that loyalty programs typically have a trigger mechanism that automatically causes your points and rewards to expire after a predefined period of inactivity.

Confusing Rules

When it comes to turning your points into rewards, it really helps to know exactly how much the points value is on your account at any given time. This can be confusing to understand across many loyalty programs at once. For example if there is a program that offers 1 point per dollar and a $10 reward for every 100 points, is that the same or different from a program that offers 3 points per dollar and a $3 reward for every 66 points? It's not. In the first case you're getting 10% back in rewards while in the second example you're getting more than 13% back. So even though the $10 reward seems higher than the $3 reward, it's actually less valuable. Now, repeat this example across 35-40 different loyalty programs! You can see how you might need some help deciphering all of the points-earning mechanisms that loyalty programs utilize.

Different Expiration Dates

Did you know that a single loyalty program can have up to 4 expiration dates? You might have an account-expiration date when your account closes after a period of inactivity. You might also have a points expiration date, which is when the points you've earned will expire if you don't cash them in. Then, if you do cash them in, you'll get a reward which has an expiration date of its own. From there you may have a status-level expiration date, which is the date on which your status level will reset if not maintained. So if you've got 40 loyalty program memberships, that means you'll have to keep track of up to 160 different expiration dates. You could build a complicated spreadsheet for this, but you still won't get reminders on these expiration dates. Plus, do you really think you should have to use a spreadsheet just so that you can turn your points into rewards?

What's the Solution?

The only solution to the problem of managing so many loyalty programs is to have one convenient place for all of them. Imagine being able to connect your loyalty accounts to one simple platform and just 'set it and forget it.' SoLoyal enables you to link all of your loyalty accounts into one convenient dashboard where all of your memberships will live.

One Place for Everything

You won't need to clutter up your phone screen with a separate app for every brand's loyalty program because SoLoyal combines all of that information into one interface. You'll be able to see your points and rewards in one place, and you can take this with you on the go because it can be accessed from any mobile device.

Keep Accounts Updated Automatically

Since SoLoyal monitors your loyalty programs for you, you won't need to remember any passwords. Once a loyalty account is connected, you'll never have to re-type your login information again. In fact, you can even use SoLoyal to instantly join new loyalty programs at the tap of a button. These accounts will also be monitored automatically without you needing to remember your username or password.

Points to Rewards Calculations

SoLoyal does the calculations and comparisons on points and rewards value across hundreds of loyalty programs. Because SoLoyal keeps track of how many points you have at each, you'll instantly know which loyalty programs are the most valuable and which ones are worth using.

Expiration Notifications

Since your accounts are always kept up to date, SoLoyal will remind you of any upcoming expirations including any points, rewards, and status levels that may be expiring. No one likes losing money on lost rewards, and SoLoyal will make sure you have the chance to redeem points and rewards before they go to waste. This way you'll be able to redeem them at your favorite retail stores, for flights, or on hotel stays all over the world.

Final Thoughts

Translating your points into rewards can be challenging and difficult, primarily because of the number of loyalty program memberships you have. It's difficult to keep track of and manage everything effectively, which directly leads to expired points and lost rewards. SoLoyal's simple and effective loyalty program tracking platform enables you to get the most out of every loyalty program and lets you enjoy the benefits of membership, without the hard work of managing your loyalty accounts.

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