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Planet Fitness Back Card • Get PF Black Card Perks

While PF Perks loyalty program members can rack up the points in exchange for rewards, the most value for your money at Planet Fitness comes from being a PF Black Card Member. We'll explore how upgrading your membership to PF Black Card grants you a ton of perks that go above and beyond what other members get…

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Planet Fitness Back Card • Get PF Black Card Perks - What's in this guide?

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PF Black Card Price

When joining Planet Fitness, you'll have a few different membership options. You can choose a No Commitment Membership which allows you to go month to month, but you'll pay a higher monthly fee in exchange for that flexibility. You can also choose the Classic Membership, which is less expensive but ties you up for a year at a time. The third option is by far the most valuable. At $24.99 it's 2.5 times more expensive than the classic membership, but you'll get a ton of other perks and there's no long-term commitment. In addition, the startup fee (which normally ranges from $49 - $59 is all but waived. You'll pay a startup fee of just $1 as a PF Black Card Member, which makes up for a large chunk of the difference in monthly dues. When you add the numerous PF Black Card benefits on top of that, you'll quickly see why upgrading is a smart move.

Membership Benefits

PF Black Card Members get access to an entire suite of exclusive membership benefits that are not available to regular members. Here's the full list...

Access 2,000+ Locations

You'll enjoy the ability to access any of Planet Fitness' locations. There are more than 2,000 clubs located throughout the United States and even a few overseas in places like Canada, Dominican Republic, Panama, Mexico, and Australia. You'll be able to jump from club to club, a super convenient benefit of being a PF Black Card Member.

Free Guest Pass

Many gyms charge hefty guest fees, which really puts a burden on members who want to train with a buddy that isn't a member of their gym. The PF Black Card rewards you with an all-you-can-use guest pass which essentially means that you can bring anyone to any club at any time.

Massage Chairs

You'll love sinking into Planet Fitness' plush and luxurious massage chairs, and you can do this on an unlimited basis with your PF Black Card membership. It's a great perk for all those tight spots, or even if you just need to kick back and relax after a long day.


You'll get to use Planet Fitness' Hydromassage facilities free of charge. It's another fantastic PF Black Card Perk that members are always raving about.

Tanning Facilities

Nothing says summer like a nicely tanned bod. Even if the sun isn't shining, the saying says that summer bodies are made in the winter. When you join PF Black Card you'll get unlimited use of the club's tanning beds– an awesome perk of membership.

Total Body Enhancement

PF Black Card members get access to the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Program.

50% Off Cooler Drinks

Black Cardmembers save 50% when they take their pick of delicious and refreshing beverages from the Planet Fitness cooler.

20% Off Reebok.com

Your PF Black Card entitles you to special discounts at Reebok.com, where you'll save 20% just for being a member.

PF Perks Points & Rewards

PF Black Card Members can benefit from the PF Perks loyalty program and can utilize some of the program's benefits in conjunction with their PF Black Card status. For example, you'll get 100 bonus points when you become a PF Black Card Member and 75 points if you're upgrading your regular membership to this status. This is in addition to the 50 points you get just for being a member and it's a nice head start to reaching the 2,200 points you'll need in order to get a free month of PF Black Card membership dues. This reward can be used 2 times in a single year, which can save you 2 months of PF Black Card membership fees.

Final Thoughts

The PF Black Card Perks at Planet Fitness make it more than worth the increased monthly membership price. Buddy passes to Planet Fitness Gyms, along with free tanning and massage services, offer tremendous real-world value, as does the reduced startup membership fee. When you look at the number of benefits that have tangible monetary savings, you'll see just how advantageous it is to upgrade your membership. And if you ever need a refresher on how the Planet Fitness Black Card membership works, feel free to drop by any time.

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