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BIG Rewards

Up to $15 off after every 3 purchases

BIG Rewards

Up to $15 off after every 3 purchases

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Up to $15 off after every 3 purchases with BIG Rewards!

BIG Rewards by Big Lots - What's in this guide?

How to Join & Track Big Lots Rewards

Join and login to your BIG Rewards account. Track Big Lots Rewards and hundreds of other amazing loyalty programs directly through SoLoyal. You won’t need to download the BIG Rewards app or login to the BIG Rewards website to keep track of your Big Lots rewards.

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Big Lots Rewards Available On SoLoyal

Step #1 Open SoLoyal: Head to the SoLoyal website.

Step #2 Select Big Lots: Select Big Lots from the list of SoLoyal supported loyalty programs.

Step #3 Join BIG Rewards: You’ll have the option of joining BIG Rewards. You can also link your existing account.

About Big Lots Rewards

Big Lots has been providing great value for shoppers looking to spruce up their abodes. With an impressive selection and retail coverage in almost every state in the US, huge savings is the name of their game. With a seemingly endless selection and already awesome prices, it almost seems like it couldn't get any better. But if you're looking to spread your dollar a bit further, join BIG Rewards and watch your rewards pile up.

Big Lots Rewards: How does it work?

BIG Rewards is a free membership program from Big Lots. Firstly, when you become a member on your first purchase after joining. Then, Big Lots rewards you with a $5 voucher each time you make 3 purchases. You can also get a $10 bonus reward with every $200 you spend on furniture. Other benefits include 20% off coupons from time to time, occasional free items offered up on the weekend, and members-only surprises from Big Lots. You'll also get a birthday reward as a member.

Big Lots Furniture

Big Lots furniture rewards are applicable to multiple furniture types including Big Lots' full selection of sofas, dining room tables and chairs, bedroom sets, and even mattresses. Outdoor furniture is also included. Specifically, patio sets, gazebos, and sun umbrellas are all eligible to earn the $10 Reward for every $200 spent. The limit you can earn on multiple furniture purchases is $50 in rewards.

Big Lots Rewards Coupons

Coupons for Big Lots are available for members of the Big Lots rewards program. You'll get a coupon for 15% off at Big Lots as soon as you become a member of BIG Rewards. You'll also be eligible for 20% off coupons, which will be sent to you by Big Lots at various points throughout the year.

Big Lots Rewards 15 Off

The 15% off BIG Rewards coupon is available as soon as you sign up for Big Lots Rewards. Just join the loyalty program through SoLoyal, and we'll make sure that your coupon is sent to your email.

Big Lots Rewards 10 Off

In addition to other members-only Big Lots coupons, if you are active military or a veteran, you'll get a separate discount of 10% off your purchases.

Big Lots Rewards Card Info

Your Big Lots Reward card, also known as your Big Lots Reward account is always available inside of the Big Lots website. However, BIG Rewards members often find it difficult to continually log in to the website or check the Big Lots Rewards app in order to find their loyalty program member info. Instead, you can simply join SoLoyal and track all your Big Lots rewards manually. SoLoyal will also display all of your Big Lots Rewards Card information at exactly the right time, like when you're buying something in a Big Lots store (via the SoLoyal app), or building your shopping cart on the Big Lots website via the SoLoyal browser extension.

Big Lots Rewards Login

The Big Lots rewards sign in is available on their website, but SoLoyal ensures you always have your account info handy when you're shopping in a Big Lots store.

Big Lots Rewards Sign Up

The Big Lots Rewards sign up process is much shorter if you're a SoLoyal member. It takes just a few taps to become a member and, because of SoLoyal's one-touch sign up feature, if you're already enrolled in loyalty programs through SoLoyal, you don't even need to input any of your information to join Big Lots.

Big Lots Rewards Phone Number

The Big Lots Rewards phone number is (866) 244-5687.

What is the Big Lots credit card phone number?

The Big Lots credit card phone number is (888) 566-4353.

How can I submit feedback?

For more information on how to submit feedback directly to Big Lots, check out our post on the Big Lots customer survey.

Looking for the Big Lots credit card login?

If you want to check your Big Lots credit card login to check your rewards, SoLoyal can help. You can apply for Big Lots credit card, fill out your big lots credit card application and find out your big lots credit card payment information. The Big Lots Credit card has some great benefits, including no interest when you pay your bill within the first 6 months on purchases of $250 or more and no interest when you pay within 12 months on purchases of $750 or more. 

Please note that this loyalty program typically works for all your purchases at Big Lots, but some exceptions may apply. And while you're exploring BIG Rewards, check out SoLoyal's recent blog post about jobs at Big Lots.

Big Lots Membership Info

When will I see my Big Lots Rewards Credited to my account?

Loyalty points or benefits will usually appear in your BIG Rewards account within 14 days.

I forgot to add a Big Lots purchase. What do I do?

You may be able to recover points or redeem rewards you should have earned for a purchase. Login to your account on the Big Lots website and click the “Enter Previous Receipts” link, then follow the prompts. You have 30 days to link a transaction to your account. You may also contact Big Lots Customer Care for assistance.

Big Lots Rewards Customer Service Phone Number


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What are the BIG Rewards Benefits?

Up to $15 off after every 3 purchases

Choose $5 off when you spend $15+ or $15 off when you spend $75+

20% off during member-only Friends & Family VIP shopping days

Surprise reward options when redeeming a reward

Surprise birthday gift

Special money-saving offers

Special welcome offer

$10 reward for furniture purchases between $200-$399

$20 reward for furniture purchases between $400-$599

$30 reward for furniture purchases between $600-$799

$40 reward for furniture purchases between $800-$999

$50 reward for furniture purchases of $1,000+

What are the BIG Rewards Rules?

With SoLoyal you can automatically track your Big Lots account, including your rewards balance, rewards or points expiration, current status and what is needed to reach your next reward as a member of the BIG Rewards loyalty program.

As part of their membership program, Big Lots provides 1 achievable loyalty rewards. Member benefits are separate from membership rewards and are always able to be earned or redeemed based on your activity.

BIG Rewards awards its members no status levels. It has 12 benefits that you’ll be able to utilize during your membership.

When you make a purchase with a redeemed Reward, that counts as a qualifying purchase toward your next reward.

You can combine your Rewards with other Rewards and coupon offers.

You may combine the total value of 2+ Furniture purchases of $200+ in the same week to increase rewards. For example, if you make a $250 furniture purchase on Wednesday and another $400 purchase on Friday, you would earn a $30 Furniture Bonus Reward based on your combined $650 purchase.

Big Lots will send notice of your available Rewards via email, to the email address associated with your account within 7-14 days, on the first Friday following the purchase that earned the Reward.

You can choose to redeem a reward of $5 off a $15 minimum purchase or $15 off a $75 minimum purchase.

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BIG Rewards

Up to $15 off after every 3 purchases with BIG Rewards!

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