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Are You a Big Lots Associate? Read This First

Big Lots refers to its team of employees as Associates, and the company employs around 23,000 of them all across the United States. In this guide, we'll explore the numerous resources and job opportunities that Big Lots has to offer. We'll also explain the Big Lots' employee-benefits platform, Empower, which is the main portal used by all Big Lots Associates to access their employment-related information.

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Are You a Big Lots Associate? Read This First - What's in this guide?

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Empower Big Lots

Big Lots set up the Empower system in order to keep its employees connected with the company. It acts as a central hub where Big Lots Associates can access important information about their employment benefits. They can also use the platform to contact HR, find open job positions within the company, and learn about the company culture. The Big Lots Empower platform is broken down into 3 distinct areas. These three sections are called mybiglots.net, “WorkBig!”, and “Big Talent!”


The mybiglots.net platform can only be accessed from within the Big Lots internal network, which is operational within Big Lots stores and their corporate headquarters in Ohio. Employees can go to mybiglots.net in order to view and edit personal information that relates to their employment, check the status of their pay and request paycheck deductions, and review their tax information. This is the area within the system in which the most sensitive employee information is stored, and that is why its access is restricted while you are outside of the Big Lots Network.


The WorkBig! System can be accessed from within Big Lots stores or at home. It allows you to set up your work schedule, view your timesheets, and request time off. WorkBig! provides an easy-to-use interface that helps you take care of your day to day shift scheduling and related communications around your working hours.

Big Talent!

Big Lots Associates use Big Talent! to search for available job openings within the company. You can browse and apply for internal jobs and then simply upload your resume when you'd like to make the switch to a new career path. Your internal company profile will then be forwarded to the department that is looking to hire, and you'll be contacted by Human Resources when it's time to take the next steps.

Big Lots Employee Login

Any employee can access the Empower Big Lots online benefits portal. Once you sign in, you'll see all the information about your available benefits and can make informed decisions about your health insurance coverage and schedule. You can also use the system to request time off of work.

Jobs at Big Lots

Big Lots has different jobs to suit employees at every level. Job openings are available in Big Lots retail stores as well as warehouses and distribution centers. You can also apply to be part of their corporate team, which is based in Columbus, Ohio. If you're applying to work in a retail store, Big Lots is always hiring full-time or part-time store associates to assist with stocking shelves, keeping the store tidy, or running the cash register and providing service to customers on the floor. For higher-paying jobs with good benefits, Big Lots has five major distribution centers across the U.S. Distribution center employees work as material handlers, maintenance techs, inventory specialists, or supervisors.

Big Lots Careers

In addition to the many jobs available at stores and warehouses, you can apply to work at Big Lots' corporate headquarters. Corporate jobs with Big Lots are the most lucrative positions they offer and include roles in marketing and finance, merchandising, and Information Technology. The average salary of Big Lots employees is 31,140, and a typical benefits package includes medical, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, and a 401k company match. You'll also get paid sick days, educational assistance, and a competitive vacation package. With so many benefits, it's no surprise that Big Lots was recently ranked as the third best place to work in its home state of Ohio.

Final Thoughts

Big Lots was founded in 1967 by Sol Shenk as a consolidation of several different retail and home goods stores, and has since grown from a single location into a major player in the U.S. retail space. As of 2022, Big Lots has over 23,000 employees across the United States who handle everything from direct customer interaction to behind the scenes logistics related to supply chain management and shipping. With over $6 billion in sales yearly and over 1,400 retail stores, Big Lots is one of the biggest retail chains and employers in the United States. With so many opportunities to build your career, Big Lots is a fantastic place to find competitive pay and good benefits. We hope our guide helped break down what it means to work there, and how Big Lots Associates can access the many employee resources that are available.

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