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Sweetpass by Sweetgreen - What's in this guide?

How to Join & Track Sweetgreen Rewards

Join and login to your Sweetpass account. Track Sweetgreen Rewards and hundreds of other amazing loyalty programs directly through SoLoyal. You won’t need to download the Sweetpass app or login to the Sweetpass website to keep track of your Sweetgreen rewards.

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Sweetgreen Rewards Available On SoLoyal

Step #1 Open SoLoyal: Head to the SoLoyal website.

Step #2 Select Sweetgreen: Select Sweetgreen from the list of SoLoyal supported loyalty programs.

Step #3 Join Sweetpass: You’ll have the option of joining Sweetpass. You can also link your existing account.

About Sweetgreen Rewards

With dozens of locations peppering the streets of some of America's most populous cities, it's not uncommon to find a line out the door at Sweetgreen. Stacked with hungry patrons just waiting to get their fill at this salad paradise, you'll find full, leafy salads and farm-fresh toppings packed within a lunchtime oasis.

In March 2022, Sweetgreen's loyalty program, sweetRewards, was replaced by a revamped membership program called Sweetpass and its subscription-based counterpart, Sweetpass+. We'll show you all the ways in which you can still earn rewards and perks at Sweetgreen here…

Does Sweetgreen still have a rewards program?

Sweetgreen discontinued its loyalty program on March 26, 2021. The program used to offer a $9 reward (about the price of a salad), for every $99 spent. This effectively awarded you about 9% back on all your purchases at Sweetgreen. But as the brand spread in popularity, the company looked for opportunities to reward their most loyal customers for their repeat business. This led to the creation of the Sweetpass program, which was designed with the goal of increasing brand loyalty.

How does Sweetpass work?

Sweetpass is the new loyalty program of Sweetgreen. It is totally free to join and enables you to participate in challenges and earn rewards, even at the free tier. It also features an optional paid monthly subscription service. If you opt to go for this tier, you'll pay $ per month and you'll get a number of additional perks, including a $3 daily discount. The paid program was originally tested at Sweetgreen's 150 locations from Jan 3 to Jan 16, 2022, offering a $3 discount on all your orders within 30 days of paying for your test subscription. The test was successful and about a year later, Sweetgreen started to roll out their new and improved loyalty program nationwide. As of April 2023, Sweetpass is open for anyone to join for free, with the option of subscribing to Sweetpass+ for $10 per month.

What are the benefits?

While members who join the free tier can earn rewards by participating in challenges, paid members get a whole lot more when they upgrade to Sweetpass+. Your $10 monthly subscription earns you $3 off per day as well as Free Delivery one a month when you order after 4pm. You'll also get to participate in earth-friendly challenges and help Sweetgreen choose a carbon reduction partner as part of their sustainability efforts. Members also get access to Sweetgreen's community of insiders, augmented customer support, access to limited edition giveaways and exclusive menu items.

What are Sweetgreen Challenges?

The new Sweetpass loyalty program allows you to participate in challenges that, if successfully completed, translate to rewards. Members can participate in challenges even at the free membership tier in order to get the ball rolling on earning perks. For example, when you first join Sweetpass, you'll see a Sweetpass Welcome Challenge which rewards you with $5 off your subsequent order after purchasing any salad, bowl or plate. To claim this challenge, you'll have to opt into it via Sweetgreen's app or by accessing your Sweetpass account on Sweetgreen's website.

How do I earn rewards?

You'll start to see your rewards rack up when you complete challenges within the Sweetpass program. All your challenge opportunities are tracked alongside your available rewards, so you'll always know which rewards are available and which challenges are on the table.

Did sweetgreen get rid of the rewards I earned with sweetPass?

Rewards in the original sweetRewards program could be earned until March 25, and, since rewards expire 30 days from when they were issued, you could potentially have used your Sweetgreen rewards up until April 25, 2022. After that date, all rewards in your Sweetgreen account expired as Sweetgreen made the transition from sweetRewards to Sweetpass.

What about the Sweetgreen Birthday Reward?

Sweetgreen still issues its much-loved Birthday Reward. As long as your date of birth is registered in your Sweetgreen profile 14 days before your actual birthday, you'll get a $10 Birthday Reward from Sweetgreen which can be used on a number of their fan-favorite menu items . The reward will be issued on your birthday and will expire one week later. SoLoyal can help ensure that your birthday is properly registered within your Sweetgreen account and that you receive your birthday reward. 

Please note that this loyalty program typically works for all your purchases at Sweetgreen, but some exceptions may apply. And while you're exploring Sweetpass, check out SoLoyal's recent blog post about Sweetgreen's top 10 locations.

Sweetgreen Membership Info

When will I see my Sweetgreen Rewards Credited to my account?

Loyalty points or benefits will usually appear in your Sweetpass account within 3 days.

I forgot to add a Sweetgreen purchase. What do I do?

You may be able to recover points or redeem rewards you should have earned for a purchase.

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What are the Sweetpass Benefits?

$3 off every purchase

Free Delivery Once Per Month (after 4pm)

Sweetgreen Birthday Gift

Rewards and Challenges

Friends of Earth Perk

Sweetgreen Insiders

Sweetpass Support

What are the Sweetpass Rules?

With SoLoyal you can automatically track your Sweetgreen account, including your rewards balance, rewards or points expiration, current status and what is needed to reach your next reward as a member of the Sweetpass loyalty program.

As part of their membership program, Sweetgreen provides 1 achievable loyalty rewards. Member benefits are separate from membership rewards and are always able to be earned or redeemed based on your activity.

Sweetpass awards its members 4 status levels. It has 2 benefits that you’ll be able to utilize during your membership.

To earn and reddem rewards, you must place an order through Sweetgreen's App or website while logged into your Sweetgreen account.

To receive the birthday reward, you must add your birthday to your profile on the Sweetgreen website or app at least 14 days prior.

Sweetgreen will send you an email on your birthday with a $10 credit that is valid for one week.

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$3 off every purchase with Sweetpass!

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