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The Top 10 Sweetgreen Locations in America

Everyone loves a fresh salad, and Sweetgreen has absolutely taken that to the highest level with its fresh and delicious ingredients, tossed together according to your particular tastes. But with numerous Sweetgreen locations around the United States, which one is the best? We've set out to answer this question with our deep dive into the best Sweetgreen locations…

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The Top 10 Sweetgreen Locations in America - What's in this guide?

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How many sweetgreen locations are there?

There are currently around 140 Sweetgreen locations in the United States. They're scattered across 13 states plus Washington D.C., and there are more to come. Within 5 years, you can expect to see a total of about 300 Sweetgreen locations cropping up. We've based our ranking of the best Sweetgreen locations based on publicly available data, qualitative reviews, and general customer feedback. Here's our list…

10. Logan Circle (Washington, DC)

This location is rated very highly among customers, many of which return daily to craft their perfect dish. Among the most popular items here is the Spicy Sabzi Salad, which is spinach-based and comes dotted with quinoa and, since it's already quite light, is best enjoyed with an unsweetened iced tea. Patrons of this Sweetgreen note the friendly service and general cleanliness of the location, always a plus when dining in.

9. Wall Street (New York, NY)

The stock traders and powerbrokers in New York City need plenty of energy to get through those long and chaotic days downtown, and Sweetgreen provides it with healthy salads and bowls that keep you feeling vigorous and fresh. It's not uncommon to see a line of suits snaking out the door of this financial district salad hub, where the mighty Kale Caesar is among the most popular dishes. It comes with beautiful roasted chicken and shaved parmesan cheese, topped with bright red cherry tomatoes and finished with Sweetgreen's delectable Caesar Dressing. Because of the extremely high volume of customers that are served here, people do sometimes knock the level of service. Indeed at times it seems more like a salad factory than a restaurant, but that's to be expected when you're feeding the thousands of movers and shakers of the financial world's beating heart.

8. Chestnut Street (Philadelphia, PA)

Located on Chestnut between 18th and 19th in the historic heart of Philly, you'll find a smiling line of customers greeted by jovial staff members. In our opinion, the best salad on the menu here is the Curried Cauliflower, which is more of a bowl dish than a salad. It comes with nicely-spiced chickpeas and quinoa, with a side of deliciously fresh parsley. This dish will transport you straight to the Mediterranean, even though you're most likely to enjoy it on a bench in nearby Rittenhouse Square.

7. Skyline District (Houston, TX)

Located next to Central Station and a stone's throw from Houston's Theater District, this is consistently one of the highest-rated Sweetgreen locations. Patrons regularly note their outstanding staff and quick service. Our recommended dish at this location is the Hot Honey Plate, which features a delicious pan-blackened chicken along with fire-roasted sweet potatoes. To top it off, it's plated on a bed of warm quinoa and kale-cabbage slaw, then finished with toasted almonds and Sweetgreen's honey mustard sauce. We recommend adding a side of wild rice and spicy broccoli. There's a small upcharge for this, but it's well worth it as it adds a lot of depth and flavor to an already outstanding dish.

6. Back Bay (Boston, MA)

Located in the heart of Boston's Back Bay, Across from the Public Library and famous Trinity Church, you'll find one of New England's best Sweetgreen locations. The winner here is Sweetgreen's famous Harvest Bowl. It comes with lovely roasted chicken and oven-baked sweet potatoes, apples, toasted almonds, and goat cheese. You'll love it with the wild rice and shredded kale mix, topped with balsamic dressing. We personally love this location because, despite being in a central part of Boston, it doesn't get too busy. When there is a line, the staff seems to move it quickly, making this one of our favorite Sweetgreen experiences.

5. Ballston (Arlington, VA)

Located along Arlington's bustling Wilson Boulevard is this fantastic Sweetgreen location. Customers rave about the great portion sizes and quick service, as well as the freshness of the ingredients here. The most popular dish is the Chicken Pesto Parm, with its nicely roasted chicken, fresh and spicy broccoli, tomatoes, and shaved parmesan. The breadcrumbs dusted with Za'atar seasoning add a lot to the uniqueness of the dish, and the warm quinoa and baby spinach give it a nice texture. The pesto sauce completes the package, making for an unforgettable lunch at this Sweetgreen.

4. Waukegan Road (Deerfield, IL)

A lot of people ask us why we love this Sweetgreen, located north of Chicago and kind of off the beaten path. Indeed, most other Sweeetgreens that we evaluated were nestled squarely within some of America's busiest cities, but this Deerfield location really shines because of its fast and efficient service, great management, and friendly staff. The Shroomami Bowl is the clear winner here with its combination of wild rice, chickpeas, cucumber slices, roasted sweet potatoes and mushrooms. It's a fantastic choice for lunch and you can enjoy it in a really relaxed atmosphere. We'd recommend visiting any time you're in the area.

3. Congress Ave. (Austin, TX)

With Austin exploding in popularity over the past several years, its food scene has stood out as one of the best and boldest in the nation. But just because Austin is home of some of the country's best barbeque doesn't mean you're not entitled to a great salad from time to time, and that's exactly what you'll find at this Sweetgreen on Congress Avenue. Fans rave about virtually everything here, with a small knock on the parking situation (they have 5-minute pickup parking and not much more), but the huge portion sizes definitely make up for that. After all, everything's bigger in Texas right? The most-recommended dish here is the Buffalo Chicken Salad. We recommend adding quinoa for a small upcharge. If you're not into the Caesar Dressing that comes with it, you can substitute ranch dressing instead. Either way, this one is a total winner.

2. Sunset Boulevard (Los Angeles, CA)

It's not easy to grab the limelight in a celebrity-packed city where eating healthy comes naturally to virtually everyone. Someone in between the green smoothies, green juices, and yes, plenty of green salads, you'll find there's a natural fit for…Sweetgreen. Fans have been loving this location since it opened several years ago, especially the fact that it validates free parking up to 1 hour (and that's huge in L.A.). Catering to every type of diet, including Keto, Vegetarians, Paleo, and WFBP (Whole Food Plant Based), you'll definitely feel welcomed at this leafy green Hollywood paradise.

1. Wynwood (Miami, FL)

Hot sun and long, relaxing walks along the Miami beachfront means you might want to stay in shape and eat healthy, making Sweetgreen's fresh and light ingredients a perfect fit in this area. Although this Wynwood location is not located on the water, the beach crowd has been known to come here to chill out and grab some delicious food or craft beers. After taking in the sites like the world-famous Wynwood Walls, stop into the nearby Sweetgreen for a Crispy Rice Bowl. It goes great with Spicy Cashew Dressing and Shrimp, and simply exudes the perfect Miami Vibe. So after reviewing so many Sweetgreen locations, why is this our fave? It just has something to do with the atmosphere of chowing down on a fresh salad in this cool and creative environment. The service is great, the food is fresh, and you'll be out the door in no-time, enjoying the sun and sand of that good Miami life.

Final Thoughts

While there are dozens upon dozens of Sweetgreen restaurants to choose from, most providing excellent service and fresh ingredients, some of them simply stand out among the rest. While you may not be able to visit one of these locations on a daily basis, most of them are in tourist-friendly locations. We hope it's possible for you to get to one of our favorite Sweetgreens eventually, but if not, there's probably one close enough to you. So next time you're in the mood for a salad, you should definitely swing by.

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