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Zappos VIP by Zappos - What's in this guide?

How to Join & Track Zappos Rewards

Join and login to your Zappos VIP account. Track Zappos Rewards and hundreds of other amazing loyalty programs directly through SoLoyal. You won’t need to download the Zappos VIP app or login to the Zappos VIP website to keep track of your Zappos rewards.

Total Time: 2 Minutes
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Zappos Rewards Available On SoLoyal

Step #1 Open SoLoyal: Head to the SoLoyal website.

Step #2 Select Zappos: Select Zappos from the list of SoLoyal supported loyalty programs.

Step #3 Join Zappos VIP: You’ll have the option of joining Zappos VIP. You can also link your existing account.

About Zappos Rewards

Known for impeccable customer service, which includes a long and flexible return policy, Zappos has taken pride in offering an endless selection of footwear that is delivered directly to your door. Just ten years after its opening, this company was acquired by Amazon, supplying it with tons of firepower in guaranteeing ultra fast deliveries everywhere. While there's already plenty of value in their easy-to-use website and great product selection, you can rack up even more savings with Zappos VIP, a loyalty program that is sure to delight you when you become a member.

VIP Zappos

Zappos' loyalty program, Zappos VIP has been revamped from its original iteration. Back when it was called Zappos Rewards, the points-earning structure was based on earning 1,000 points per dollar. Under Zappos VIP that has now been simplified to a much more digestible 1 point per $1 spent. In addition, Zappos VIP has just a single tier for all members, which again avoid complexity in understanding how to achieve your rewards.

How VIP Zappos Works

Every dollar you spend at Zappos rewards you with one Zappos VIP point. You can also earn 5 additional points for logging into your Zappos account each day and 10 additional points for leaving a review on a product you've purchased. In addition, you're eligible for bonus points on certain brands and item categories during specified promo periods. Additional perks include free pick ups and returns via UPS' next-day service, and special 10% off promotions granted to students, teachers and military personnell. Lastly, a 30-day trial period on running shoes ensures that members can try before they buy.

How many points do Amazon Prime Members get at Zappos VIP?

Amazon Prime members get an additional 1 point per $1 spent at Zappos.com as a member of Zappos VIP.

Link Zappos to Amazon

In order to earn an extra 1 point per $1 spent at Zappos, you have to have your Amazon Prime account linked to your Zappos account. Many Zappos VIP members wonder how to link their Zappos account to their Amazon Prime, and it's really quite simple. First, you have to head over to Zappos' Amazon Primelink account linking page where you can link your Prime membership and then get access to great perks like upgraded shipping on your subsequent Zappos orders.

To link your Amazon Prime account to your Zappos VIP:
1) Go to the Zappos' Amazon Primelink page
2) Click the button that says "Link Your Prime Membership"
3) Enter your Amazon username and password.
3) Click "Allow" and complete the Amazon Prime to Zappos VIP account linking process.

VIP Zappos Website: Zappos VIP Login

If you are a member of SoLoyal, you don't need to visit the VIP Zappos website in order to login to your Zappos VIP account. You can use SoLoyal to login to your Zappos VIP account and monitor all of your Zappos points and rewards easily and automatically. You'll still place all of your orders on the Zappos VIP website as usual, but SoLoyal makes it really easy to login to your Zappos account and track all of the numerous benefits of membership, including monitoring your Zappos VIP points so you never miss rewards.

vip.zappos.com free overnight shipping

One of Zappos' most enticing benefits is their free shipping both ways, and Zappos VIPs kick it up into another gear with free expedited shipping that can get your package to you as soon as the next day.

Zappos VIP Cost: Is Zappos VIP free?

Yes, it is! Zappos VIP is totally free to join. The Zappos VIP program has no cost, which sets it apart from other Amazon-related loyalty programs such as Amazon Prime, which has a significant cost to join. In contrast, Zappos VIP provides tons of great benefits without any additional cost.

Zappos Theatre VIP Seating

The Zappos Theatre (Planet Hollywood) is located in Las Vegas. It has a capacity of 7,000 and does have a Zappos Theatre VIP Table. However, this is not related to your Zappos VIP loyalty program membership and must be reserved separately. 

Please note that this loyalty program typically works for all your purchases at Zappos, but some exceptions may apply.

Zappos Membership Info

When will I see my Zappos Rewards Credited to my account?

Loyalty points or benefits will usually appear in your Zappos VIP account within 7 days.

I forgot to add a Zappos purchase. What do I do?

You may be able to recover points or redeem rewards you should have earned for a purchase.

Zappos Rewards Customer Service Phone Number

Zappos Rewards Login

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Join the loyalty program of Zappos and other Retail brands at the tap of a button with SoLoyal.

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Get notifications of your Zappos VIP rewards and benefits. SoLoyal notifies you at exactly the right time.

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Don't let your Zappos VIP benefits expire. SoLoyal saves your points and rewards before it's too late to redeem them.

What are the Zappos VIP Benefits?

1% back in rewards

Free next business day shipping

Rapid refunds

Extra 1 point per $1 when you link to Amazon Prime

5 bonus points per day for logging in

10 bonus points for reviewing items you bought

Special promotions and bonus points opportunities

"Best for you" search results

What are the Zappos VIP Rules?

With SoLoyal you can automatically track your Zappos account, including your rewards balance, rewards or points expiration, current status and what is needed to reach your next reward as a member of the Zappos VIP loyalty program.

As part of their membership program, Zappos provides 1 achievable loyalty rewards. Member benefits are separate from membership rewards and are always able to be earned or redeemed based on your activity.

Zappos VIP awards its members 4 status levels. It has 8 benefits that you’ll be able to utilize during your membership.

Rapid Refunds are issued in approximately 24 hours of first scan by UPS at drop-off or pick-up.

Please note that for Rapid Refunds, if Zappos doesn't receive the item in its return shipping box or bag, they may charge your credit card.

Please note that for linking to your Amazon Prime membership, eligible Prime membership types include Prime Monthly, Prime FT, Prime Free Preview, Student, Student FT, Household, Teen Profile, Tuck Member, 0.99 paid trial participant, 3-month gift subscription, and concession recipient. Instant Video, Invitee, and Business Prime memberships are not eligible.

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Zappos VIP

1% back in rewards with Zappos VIP!

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