Logo for myGNC Rewards, the loyalty program of GNC.

myGNC Rewards

3.3% back in rewards

Logo for myGNC Rewards, the loyalty program of GNC.

myGNC Rewards

3.3% back in rewards

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3.3% back in rewards with myGNC Rewards!

myGNC Rewards by GNC - What's in this guide?

How to Join & Track GNC Rewards

Total Time: 2 Minutes
Cost: $0.00

GNC Rewards Available On:
• SoLoyal iOS App
• SoLoyal Android App
• SoLoyal Desktop & Mobile Website

Step #1 Open SoLoyal: Head to the SoLoyal website or check out the version of SoLoyal for iPhone.

Step #2 Select GNC: Select GNC from the list of SoLoyal supported loyalty programs.

Step #3 Join myGNC Rewards: You’ll have the option of joining myGNC Rewards. You can also link your existing account.

About GNC Rewards

If it seems like everywhere you go you see a GNC, that's because the chain operates more than four thousand locations across the US. Having established itself as the destination for health supplements of every kind, GNC is the place for everything from protein shakes to dietary supplements, to multivitamins and even herbal remedies. With a focus on health it's no surprise that they've got an extraordinarily healthy rewards program, myGNC Rewards, that packs in a lot of powerful benefits for its members. 

Please note that this loyalty program typically works for all your purchases at GNC, but some exceptions may apply.

GNC Membership Info

When will I see my GNC Rewards Credited to my account?

Loyalty points or benefits will usually appear in your myGNC Rewards account within 3 days.

I forgot to add a GNC purchase. What do I do?

You may be able to recover points or redeem rewards you should have earned for a purchase. Contact GNC customer support within 30 days of the purchase date.

GNC Rewards Customer Service Phone Number


Ask for Help

GNC Rewards Login

Join and login to your myGNC Rewards account. Track GNC Rewards and hundreds of other amazing loyalty programs directly through SoLoyal. You won’t need to download the myGNC Rewards app or login to the myGNC Rewards website to keep track of your GNC rewards.

GNC Rewards Credit Card Login

GNC Rewards Sign Up

Enroll Automatically

Join the loyalty program of GNC and other Retail brands at the tap of a button with SoLoyal.

Account Updates

Get notifications of your myGNC Rewards rewards and benefits. SoLoyal applies them at exactly the right time.

Never Miss Rewards

Don't let your myGNC Rewards benefits expire. SoLoyal saves your points and rewards before it's too late to redeem them.

What are the myGNC Rewards Benefits?

3.3% back in rewards

Free birthday gift

Access to bonus points events

What are the myGNC Rewards Rules?

With SoLoyal you can automatically track your GNC account, including your rewards balance, rewards or points expiration, current status and what is needed to reach your next reward as a member of the myGNC Rewards loyalty program.

As part of their membership program, GNC provides 1 achievable loyalty rewards. Member benefits are separate from membership rewards and are always able to be earned or redeemed based on your activity.

myGNC Rewards awards its members 2 status levels. It has 3 benefits that you’ll be able to utilize during your membership.

In order to earn points, just give the GNC Associate the phone number or email address associated with your account when you check out in store. If you’re shopping online, make sure you’re logged into your account.

You will earn points on every purchase except for gift cards or PRO Access memberships.

There are no partial redemptions. If you’re purchasing something for $10 with a $15 Cash Back Reward, the remaining $5 will not roll over.

You only get Rewards Points when purchasing from GNC stores, GNC.com or the GNC Live Well app. Purchases from 3rd parties such as Amazon, Rite Aid or Sam's Club are not eligible to earn points.

As a myGNC PRO Access member you’ll get two PRO Boxes throughout the year of your membership. The date on which you enroll, complete your profile and provide your mailing address determines when you receive your PRO Boxes. GNC will send an email confirmation along with your shipment date and tracking number as soon as your box ships.

You’ll be able to pick the PRO Box that’s best for you before each one ships. You can choose a men’s or women’s Sports Performance, Wellness Essentials or Weight Management PRO Box. If you don't make a selection by a given date GNC will pick one for you.

You can increase or decrease your earned reward threshold by logging in to GNC.com. Click My Account, then click myGNC Rewards, then Rewards Preferences and then Select Your Reward Preference. Finally, choose a reward threshold between $5-$50 and hit “Save.”

When it comes to redeeming your points for Cash Back Rewards, you have two options, Auto-Redeem or Bank.

If you choose “Auto-Redeem My Rewards” in the myGNC Rewards tab in your account on GNC.com, your rewards will automatically load in your account once you hit your chosen threshold. They can then be spent as soon as they are earned.

You can also select “Bank My Points” and choose when you want to redeem your rewards. Just go into your account and activate a reward when you’re ready to shop.

Any store Associate can redeem your points for you at checkout, or GNC Customer Service can help you if you call.

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myGNC Rewards

3.3% back in rewards with myGNC Rewards!

Background image for myGNC Rewards, the loyalty program of GNC.