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How & Where to Buy Liquor at ShopRite

ShopRite does indeed sell liquors and wines, but this is done in independent stores and is not part of ShopRite's grocery operation. You can purchase alcohol at ShopRite Wines & Spirits locations throughout parts of New York and New Jersey where stores carry a large selection of wines, spirits, beer, liquor, and alcohol-related gift baskets.

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How & Where to Buy Liquor at ShopRite - What's in this guide?

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Which liquor is available at ShopRite?

ShopRite carries various spirits including vermouth, brandy, cognac, grappa, sake, and liqueurs such as Schnapps and Leroux. You can certainly find the classics here tool, as ShopRite stocks a large selection of vodkas, tequilas, rum, gin, and all types of whiskies.

Which wines are available at ShopRite?

ShopRite Wines & Spirits offers thousands of wine varieties. The largest collection comes from California, which produces more than 1,500 types of wine for ShopRite. In addition, you'll find a great selection of imported wines, including more than 800 from Italy and over 300 from France. South American wines are also represented quite well, with over 200 Argentenian and Chilean wines in stock. Finally, you can taste wines from regions as far away as Australia and Japan as the store has dozens of wines available from these countries.

Wine Prices

ShopRite's wines range from under $20 to over $60 per bottle. The vast majority (84%) are priced at under $20, and 95% of all wines available at ShopRite are priced under $40 per bottle, meaning you'll have plenty of affordable bottles available to choose from.

Placing an Order

Order wine from ShopRite is easy, and you'll have three convenient options to choose from.

Local Pickup

After placing an order online you can choose local pickup where you'll just have to be sure to go to ShopRite's independent liquor outpost since you are not allowed to purchase liquor inside ShopRite's main grocery location.

Local Delivery

Your second option is local delivery where ShopRite will send your wine and liquor order to a nearby address. Fees for local delivery range from $10-$12 and there is a minimum order of $100-$150. The service is available from Monday through Saturday from 1pm to 5pm, or from 5:30pm to 8pm. On Sunday, delivery is available from 10am to 1pm.

FedEx Shipping

For destinations further than those within the store's vicinity, ShopRite ships liquors via FedEx Ground Delivery. Orders are typically shipped within 24 hours of the time of the purchase, or within 24 hours of an item coming back in stock. When receiving your order, an adult aged 21 or over must be available to receive and sign for the package. It cannot be left at the delivery address, so if you miss the delivery 3 days in a row, your package will be sent to your local FedEx office for pickup. ShopRite ships beer and bottles of liquor (up to 750ml) within New Jersey. Wines of up to 750ml per bottle can be delivered to New Jersey and over 30 other U.S. states. These states include Washington D.C., AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, IA, ID, IL, KS, LA, MO, MS, MT, NC, NE,, NM, NV, OH, OR, SC, VA, VT, and WI.

Order Cancellations

You can cancel your order from ShopRite Wines & Liquors any time prior to delivery. Canceled orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Bulk Discounts

If you are purchasing 12 or more 750ml bottles of wine, you will be entitled to a 20% bulk discount. The only condition is that the bottles must be full price. If you have bottles in your order that are on sale, they will count toward your 12-bottle total, but they will not be discounted.

ShopRite Liquors Contact

You can contact ShopRite liquors by phone at (973) 256-5551 or via email at [email protected].

Final Thoughts

With so many people shopping at ShopRite, many wonder if the grocery giant sells liquor. In states where it is permitted by law, ShopRite does sell liquor in its independent retail outposts. These stores exclusively sell alcoholic beverages and related products, and offer convenient shipping and delivery to locations that allow it under state law. We hope this guide has helped you understand how to order liquor from ShopRite. Feel free to drop by any time if you need a refresher.

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