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How to check your Kurves Brow Bar Loyalty Points?

You can earn loyalty points with every purchase at Kurves Brow Bar, but these points are often difficult to find within your KBB account. In this post we'll break down how to log in and find them easily. You'll also learn how to earn Kurves points, how much they're worth, and how to redeem them for beauty services at any Kurves Brow Bar in canada.

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How to check your Kurves Brow Bar Loyalty Points? - What's in this guide?

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How do Kurves Loyalty Points Work?

When you book services at Kurves, you'll earn loyalty points which are automatically credited to your account after your appointment. The amount of points you earn is based on the price of a specific treatment, and this can of course vary among the 44 Kurves locations across Canada. Your Kurves points have a monetary redemption value and can be redeemed on services at any Canadian location, including those in Alberta, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec.

How much are Kurves Points worth?

Every 100 Kurves Points are worth $1, which is an overall dollar value of 1% of your total point balance. This makes it easy to understand the value of your points at a glance.

How do I use my points?

You can use your Kurves points by making a booking online. First, select the Kurves location you want to visit and then browse the available services, appointment times, and Kurves cerologists. Then, click 'Book Reservation,' to see the pre-tax price for the requested service within your account. From there, just click 'Confirm Booking,' and you'll see the total amount payable, including any taxes. When you finally make payment, you'll be able to apply your points and reduce the total Kurves points value from the price of your booking.

How to Redeem Kurves Loyalty Points

The redemption process for Kurves points is straightforward. Simply select how much of your Kurves Rewards balance to apply to your purchase and, once applied, the price of your booking will be discounted. You'll also see that your Kurves point balance is reduced accordingly. This will be replenished when you book and pay for more Kurves services. From there you can repeat the process of earning and redeeming your Kurves points.

How do I check my points?

You can see your Kurves Brow Bar points balance within SoLoyal. Just log in with your Kurves username and password and link your account with a couple of clicks. You'll immediately see how many points you have as well as the point redemption value.

How do I join Kurves Rewards?

You can join Kurves Rewards with a single tap in SoLoyal. Signup is a seamless process and also gives you access to the entire Kurves portal where you can discover and book services such as threading, waxing, microblading, and even henna.

Kurves Signup Bonus Points

New Kurves Rewards members get 1,200 bonus points just for signing up. This is equivalent to $12 in rewards that is automatically credited to your account on signup, and this bonus can be used on any eligible Kurves service.

Final Thoughts

Kurves Brow Bar Loyalty Points are a great way to save money on your booking at any of Kurves' 44 locations throughout Canada. With a redemption value of 1% of your points total, you'll always know how much your points are worth and how to easily apply them to your payment after booking. You can use SoLoyal to join Kurves and to easily track your points, and if you have any other questions about Kurves Brow Bar's rewards program, feel free to get in touch!

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