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Zoetis Rebates - Submit Receipt & Claim Here

Zoetis is a company that's no stranger to offering savings on their products. In addition to their popular loyalty program, Petcare Rewards, Zoetis has rolled out a rebate program that caters to professional livestock owners. If you purchase equine, cattle, or pork-related products from Zoetis, you need to know about the Zoetis Rebate Center. We'll take a deep dive here…

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Zoetis Rebates - Submit Receipt & Claim Here - What's in this guide?

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How it Works

While Zoetis operates a popular consumer loyalty program, owners of commercial livestock have another channel for claiming money back on their purchases. The Zoetis Rebate program is open to anyone either residing in, or doing business in, the United States. In order to participate, you simply need to purchase an eligible product and submit a claim via the Zoetis Rebate Center. Zoetis will then process your claim and send your refund via the payment method of your choice.

Where can I find the form?

There are a couple of different Zoetis Rebate forms. These can be found on the Zoetis website, or by texting REBATES to 75834. Additionally, if you're presented with a Zoetis QR code, that can also direct you to the form. Once filled out, you can submit the form directly online or you can mail it to:

Zoetis Rebates
P.O. Box 1919
Memphis, TN, 38101

If mailing in your form, be sure to include your full name and return address. Also, keep in mind that there are different kinds of forms depending on the product you've purchased. Below is a breakdown of these forms and where to find them online.

General Rebate Form

For general and cattle-related rebates, you'll want to use the Zoetis General Rebate Form. This form asks if you're a Leader's Edge customer and then allows you to input the information needed to process your rebate. Finally, you can indicate other areas of interest, such as Beef, Dairy, and Pork, and then submit the form.

Pork Rebate Form

You can submit your Zoetis Pork Rebate Form for any pork-related product rebates.

Pork Rebate Form

The Zoetis Equine Rebate Form enables you to claim rebates on equine products. On this form you'll need to indicate whether you're a retailer or veterinarian and then fill out the required information before submitting the form.

What goes on the form?

In order to complete the form successfully, you'll need to upload a copy of your receipt, thus proving that you purchased an eligible product. The receipt must include the product name, package size, price, and the veterinarian or retailer's name. Keep in mind that this has to be an actual invoice or receipt, as credit card receipts are not valid. While you can submit claims for multiple purchases, there is a limit of one receipt upload at a time when you are making a submission. So if you have multiple receipts, you'll need to make multiple uploads. In addition, your receipt must show that the purchase was made by a single customer. Otherwise it will be rejected.

How long does it take to process?

It can take up to 72 hours for Zoetis to process your receipt.Validation and receipt processing can take up to 72 hours.

How much is the rebate?

Your rebate can be as little as $2, but can range much higher. There is a maximum rebate value of $5,000 per submitted invoice, and if your total submission is higher than $7,500 it will be flagged for review by Zoetis. This doesn't mean it will be rejected necessarily, but it can add to your rebate's processing time.

How do I get paid?

There are 3 payout options for receiving your Zoetis Rebate. You can request payment via PayPal, Venmo, or by regular mail. PayPal and Venmo payouts will hit your account within 3 business days after processing, while checks can take 3-5 weeks for delivery.

Payout OptionProcessing Time
PayPalWithin 3 Business Days
VenmoWithin 3 Business Days
Regular Mail (Check)3-5 Weeks for Delivery

Final Thoughts

The Zoetis Rebate program offers a convenient way for customers in the United States to claim money back on eligible purchases. By participating in the program and submitting a claim through the Zoetis Rebate Center, customers can receive their refunds in just a few days. Overall, the Zoetis Rebate program offers a great incentive for customers, veterinarians, and professionals in the animal health industry to explore and utilize Zoetis products and services.

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