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The SoLoyal Team
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New Bedford Stop and Shop

Stop and Shop's two New Bedford locations are situated at 438 Dartmouth St. and 1001 King's Highway, about 6 miles from one another. It takes a good ten to fifteen minutes to get from one to the other, but customers regularly shop there interchangeably as they are located along one of New Bedford's main roadways. In fact, about equidistant from each Stop and Shop lies the New Bedford High School, which is a hub of activity. With so many students, teachers and parents shuffling in and around that central location, there's plenty of grocery shopping to be done. This makes New Bedford an ideal place for the grocery chain to lay down its roots and their strategic locations have led to much success in the area.

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New Bedford Stop and Shop - What's in this guide?

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What's the best New Bedford Stop and Shop?

The King's Highway Stop and Shop is located directly next to the New Bedford Regional Airport, which makes it really convenient for people looking to stop by the supermarket on their way home from a quick jaunt out of town. However, the proximity to the airport also makes it a bit busy at peak travel times when traffic around the shopping center can get a little heavy. For that reason we chose the 438 Dartmouth St. Stop and Shop as our winner in New Bedford. It's got a great location out on the way to Clarks Cove and East Beach. It's not uncommon to see beachgoers stop off there, picking up some drinks or grilling supplies on their way for a day out in the sun.

Weekly Circular Deals at the New Bedford Stop and Shop

We're always on the lookout for the weekly flyer from Stop and Shop because you can usually find great some deals. The Weekly Circular came through for us with a great deal on Stop and Shop Branded Ice Cream. While there are certainly a number of other ice cream brands sold at Stop and Shop, we couldn't resist picking up two 48-ounce containers of Stop and Shop's own product. We were able to mix and match flavors and ended up really being happy with the decision.

Final thoughts about New Bedford Stop and Shop

Whether you're visiting Stop and Shop's location at 438 Dartmouth Stor another grocery store in Connecticut, you'll definitely find a fantastic selection of grocery items. We generally recommend Stop & Shop as a great candidate out of the many options you have, but we know that Connecticut is a large state and you have many choices. We're always on the lookout for great recommendations and we're willing to evaluate another grocer of your choice. So if you've got a grocery store in mind that you like better than New Bedford Stop and Shop, just let us know!

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