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The SoLoyal Team
The SoLoyal Team

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North Reading Stop and Shop

Today we're taking a look at the North Reading Stop and Shop located at 265 Main St in Atlantic Plaza. In our other usual series of Stop and Shop reviews we like to compare two nearby Stop and Shop locations, but in this case there's only one in North Reading. Nonetheless we'll try to evaluate this store so that you can shop for groceries confidently on your next trip to Atlantic Plaza.

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North Reading Stop and Shop - What's in this guide?

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What's the best North Reading Stop and Shop?

We've checked out quite a few Stop and Shop locations now and we were a bit surprised to see one dip below 4.0 stars on its average customer rating. In order to gather our data we review direct customer feedback and other available customer satisfaction signals, and most Stop and Shops that we've looked into have performed above the 3.9 stars that the North Reading store gets. That being said, they're not far off from that target, and with a relatively low volume of feedback collected, a few more positive reviews might bring them across the threshold. In addition, their qualitative feedback gives a more in-depth view of the customer experience and shows that there are very positive expreiences to be had here.

Weekly Circular Deals at the North Reading Stop and Shop

We're always on the lookout for the weekly flyer from Stop and Shop because you can usually find great some deals. We were looking for a Breaded Shrimp Product at Stop and Shop and just happened to find a great deal on a brand we've actually never seen before. If you haven't tried it, you've got to get the Margaritaville Beer Battered Shrimp. We were able to score $2 off with Stop and Shop's Weekly Circular, so we came away pretty happy with our pickup.

Final thoughts about North Reading Stop and Shop

Whether you're visiting Stop and Shop's location at 265 Main St in Atlantic Plazaor another grocery store in Massachusetts, you'll definitely find a fantastic selection of grocery items. We generally recommend Stop & Shop as a great candidate out of the many options you have, but we know that Massachusetts is a large state and you have many choices. We're always on the lookout for great recommendations and we're willing to evaluate another grocer of your choice. So if you've got a grocery store in mind that you like better than North Reading Stop and Shop, just let us know!

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