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Accessing Publix Passport and PEFCU

Publix Passport is a website where Publix employees can find information about their pay, set their work schedules, get employee discounts, or look for financing through PEFCU. While it's not a required tool for employees, this website is a great one-stop-shop for all things related to your career as a Publix team member. Below is an overview of how to use the official website for Publix employees…

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Accessing Publix Passport and PEFCU - What's in this guide?

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Login to Publix Passport & Publix.org Oasis

If you're a Publix associate and would like to access Passport, simply sign in to the Publix platform for employees using your assigned username and password. This login to Publix Passport will take you to the same place as the publix.org Oasis login. It's very important that while logging into Passport, you don't actually use a full email format for your username. You only need to enter your user ID. For newer employees, this may include your personnel number, but older employees may have a different ID format. If you don't know your login ingo, you'll need to sign in from a computer at a Publix store in order to set it up for the first time. If you have trouble logging in, talk to a store manager or supervisor for more help. They should set aside a specific time to get you started on the portal.

Publix Employee Portal

Aside from providing access to standard HR information such as pay, benefits, and employee financing information through PEFCU, the Publix employee website can be used by associates to apply for different positions within their own store, or to apply for a job at a new location. Employees and the general public can browse through available Publix job vacancies directly on the website and find out more about employee development programs, wellness information, rewards and more. This provides employees with useful information about the history of Publix, updates about what's happening in-store, and fun tidbits that help build a strong company culture. Then, when you're ready to actually apply for a job, you'll do that through Passport, the official Publix employee portal.

Publix Credit Union

The Publix Employees Federal Credit Union (PEFCU) is a great place for employees to get access to special financing instruments such as personal lines of credit, secured loans, and financing for vehicles and boats. You'll also be able to choose from a variety of mortgages and home equity loans that are all provided via the Publix Federal Credit Union.

Is there a Publix Passport App?

While some employee portals only allow employees to sign in at work, the Publix Passport web application can be utilized by employees and customers at any time from their home computer or mobile device. Available via web browser on your PC, tablet, and phone, this employee portal is available 24 hours a day. That means you can check out your store's news and updates from your own home without having your access restricted. However, Publix Passport does not have a separate app for iPhone or Android.

Final Thoughts

Publix is a massive chain with hundreds of thousands of employees that need access to efficient and reliable employee resources. It's exactly for this reason that Publix Passport is a vital part of the organization. This includes access to PEFCU, a credit union that offers greater flexibility to Publix employees who are looking for a home or vehicle loan, or any other financing options. If you ever need a refresher on what the Publix portal can do, feel free to drop back in any time.

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