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The SoLoyal Team
The SoLoyal Team

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Hyde Park Stop and Shop

There's only one Stop and Shop in Hyde Park, New York and it's a large, sprawling store located in an open an inviting shopping center. You'll find a brightly-lit and open plan bakery section here as well as an equally well-maintained Meat & Seafood department. At the beginning of a new day here you'll find neatly organized aisles and shiny rows of produce, making this a great option for your grocery shopping.

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Hyde Park Stop and Shop - What's in this guide?

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What's the best Hyde Park Stop and Shop?

With no competition, we had to select the Albany road Stop and Shop as the best in Hyde Park. But that doesn't mean it isn't a great establishment in its own right. When combing through online reviews we found high prise from regular customers who recently switched over from other supermarkets and were quite happy they made the choice. After doing our homework, we can confidently recommend that you head over to 3999 Albany Post Rd and browse the aisles of your local Stop and Shop.

Weekly Circular Deals at the Hyde Park Stop and Shop

We're always on the lookout for the weekly flyer from Stop and Shop because you can usually find great some deals. Pizza anyone? We were able to snag Stop & Shop branded Crispy Thing Pizza fromStop & Shop's Frozen Pizza sectoion. We picked up 3 boxes of different varieties for a total of $10. This is a great deal as they're usually $5.79 per box which would have made the regular price $17.37. Not a bad score!

Final thoughts about Hyde Park Stop and Shop

Whether you're visiting Stop and Shop's location at 3999 Albany Post Road another grocery store in New York, you'll definitely find a fantastic selection of grocery items. We generally recommend Stop & Shop as a great candidate out of the many options you have, but we know that New York is a large state and you have many choices. We're always on the lookout for great recommendations and we're willing to evaluate another grocer of your choice. So if you've got a grocery store in mind that you like better than Hyde Park Stop and Shop, just let us know!

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