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IHOPPY Hour • IHOP's Happy Hour

IHOPPY Hour is a great way to get your favorite IHOP entrees and appetizers at a discounted price. IHOP knows everybody loves breakfast for dinner, and they've made it easy and affordable with their great selection of happy hour discount items. Everything on the IHOPPY Hour Menu costs $6 or less which makes it a fantastic option for the whole family.

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IHOPPY Hour • IHOP's Happy Hour - What's in this guide?

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IHOPPY Hour Overview

IHOPPY hour was introduced in September 2020 to help draw attention to IHOP's hours later in the day. The original pilot program was rolled out in a small number of IHOP restaurants, offering entrees for $5-$6 and a selection of smaller dishes for just $3. During the launch, beverages were priced at $1 to $1.50 for a limited time. Having become successful quickly, IHOPPY Hour is now a mainstay of the franchise, helping the restaurant transition from being just another breakfast place to a full-service restaurant with operating hours all throughout the day. IHOPPY Hour gives deals on everything from pancakes and classic breakfasts to sandwiches, fried chicken, and other great lunch and dinner options. In some IHOP locations, you can even get Happy Hour prices on carry-out orders.

When is IHOP's Happy Hour?

IHOP's Happy Hour was originally rolled out during an 8 hour period, from 2pm to 10pm daily. Currently, IHOP's Happy Hour starts at 3pm every day and goes until the restaurant closes. It's available year-round and in most IHOP restaurant locations, but it's up to each franchise to determine whether they want to do it. So call into your local IHOP or check online before going.

Full IHOP Happy Hour Menu

You can view the IHOPPY Hour Menu on IHOP'S website.

Current IHOP Happy Hour $6 Entree Menu

IHOPPY Hour's entree menu starting at $6 is the best way to get a full meal at IHOP in the afternoon and evening without breaking the bank. The menu currently features seven items, which are the Chicken & Pancakes Meal, a Classic Steakburger, the Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich, a BLT Sandwich, a Ham & Cheese Omelet, a Quick 2-Egg Breakfast, and the Classic Breakfast Burrito or Breakfast Bowl.

Current IHOP Happy Hour $4 Snacks and Sides

If you're not feeling quite hungry enough for a full meal, the IHOP Happy Hour $4 snacks and sides menu has some great options for you. This includes Mozzarella Sticks, a French Fries and Onion Rings sampler, IHOP's Original French Toast, Crispy Chicken Strips, and a Pancake Sundae.

The selection changes regularly

If one of your favorites shows up on the IHOPPY Hour menu, be sure to get it quick before it's gone. The menu is subject to change regularly and you can't be sure that any item will stay on there for an extended period of time.

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