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IHOP 'N GO • Ordering IHOP Online

Since 2017, IHOP has offered a robust and user-friendly online ordering platform, IHOP 'N GO. Using the platform, you can order all of your IHOP favorites, including a full selection from the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. The platform is active 24/7, enabling you to place a customized order from any IHOP restaurant. We've taken a deep dive into IHOP'S online ordering. Here's everything you need to know about IHOP 'N GO.

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IHOP 'N GO • Ordering IHOP Online - What's in this guide?

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IHOP Online Ordering Overview

IHOP's well-designed online ordering platform launched in 2017 after about a year in production and is now available at more than 1,700 IHOP locations. It was created in order to help customers access IHOP more efficiently while increasing business and reducing congestion within restaurants, especially at peak dining times. Ordering IHOP online enables you to bypass restaurant wait times and facilitates the entire order process from start to finish. After its initial launch, IHOP continued to scale the platform, which is now a large part of its thriving online business.

IHOP 'N GO: Coupon Code

During the 2017 launch, IHOP offered a promotion of $5 off your first order of $25 or more. This has been replaced with a coupon code that offers a flat 20% off your order. The code for 20% off at IHOP is IHOP20.

How to order IHOP Online

To order IHOP online, you'll need to create an online IHOP account. You'll then be able to start your order by clicking 'Order Now' in the top right corner of the screen. From there you can choose between curbside, in-store pickup, or delivery. Make sure you choose the right IHOP location, or else you could end up paying for your food at a restaurant that isn't close to you. Once you've chosen your preferred location and delivery method, you can browse the menu and choose what you want to order.


IHOP 'N GO lets you pick your food up in the restaurant or have it brought out to your car if you're more comfortable with that. The IHOP curbside delivery really is quite convenient as it streamlines the entire pickup process and is by far the quickest and most efficient way to receive your online order. You can utilize this service 24/7 at participating IHOP locations, even during IHOPPY Hour, IHOP's famous happy hour. If you have any additional questions about the IHOP 'N GO service or need to make a change to your order after placing it, you can contact IHOP customer service at (866) 444-5144.

Employee Training

When the IHOP 'N Go program launched, IHOP created a 'Meals to Go Certification' for its employees. Those who join the program receive an education in food delivery best practices, including a full understanding of the process from plating to packaging meals. IHOP's commitment to this program means that at least one staff member in each IHOP location is properly trained and Meals to Go Certified. This results in fresher food reaching IHOP customers, less complaints and refund requests, and higher overall customer satisfaction rates.

IHOP Delivery

You can order delivery directly from the IHOP website or mobile app. To check if you can get IHOP delivery near you, simply visit the IHOP website, click Order Now and choose your local IHOP restaurant. Note that the website won't automatically choose a location that's close to the address you enter, so it's important to actually select the correct restaurant. From there you can add your phone number along with any specific delivery instructions, and place your custom order.


Some IHOP locations offer delivery services such as DoorDash. You can order delivery by downloading the DoorDash app, or with other apps such as UberEats, GrubHub, or Postmates. This partnership with third-party delivery services was first piloted at the end of 2017 with DoorDash and Amazon as the first delivery companies. IHOP customers located in the western part of the United States got the first chance to experience the service, with good feedback being reported in California, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Oklahoma. IHOP's own mobile app was released shortly thereafter and gained popularity throughout 2018, expanding the restaurant's online presence and turning IHOP 'N GO into a full-scale mobile operation.

Special Delivery Packaging

As part of their commitment to offering fresh and high quality food on the go, IHOP completely redesigned their takeout packaging with a focus on maintaining freshness. Back in 2016, the IHOP 'N GO team studied all the currently available food packaging options in order to understand what causes food to get cold and soggy as it makes its way from the kitchen to your home. That critical delivery period is typically responsible for a substantial decrease in food quality including cross-contamination of flavors from other meals in the order, or from the packaging itself. The result of this research led to some major changes in IHOP's to-go food packaging, including the use of Food-Centric Containers, which are equipped with side ventilation traps designed to keep pancakes moist and fluffy. In addition, you'll find several nested compartments within the packaging that help with segregating meals from one another, allowing each dish to maintain its unique flavor profile and temperature. Lastly, the food containers and accompanying bags were designed to minimize the space between them, ensuring that your food won't jostle around as it makes its way to you.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has helped you understand the history of IHOP's online ordering platform. After studying the IHOP 'N Go program and its accompanying technology platform, we came away impressed with the commitment the restaurant has shown to providing a great takeout experience for its guests. The combination of service and technology, bolstered by an emphasis on proper employee training, means you'll likely come away satisfied with your IHOP 'N Go experience.

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