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PacSun • Track Your Order Here

If you've recently placed an order at PacSun, you'll want to stay updated about its delivery. You can check your PacSun Order Status and track its exact location while it's en route to you. In this guide we'll show you how to track, change and cancel every type of PacSun order so you'll always know where your package is.

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PacSun • Track Your Order Here - What's in this guide?

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How to Check Your PacSun Order Status

You can track your order without logging into your PacSun account. Just head over to the PacSun Order Tracker where you'll be asked to input your order number, email address, and your billing or shipping zip code. You'll then get your tracking number which contains the delivery status and all accompanying details. Depending on the carrier that is handling your order, you'll see differing information about the status of your package. For example, some carriers like FedEx and UPS show you a point by point history of where your item has been, while other carriers (such as USPS) only show you an initial scan when the item is shipped and another when it reaches its final destination.

Tracking International PacSun Orders

You can track your international PacSun order on the Borderless website. Simply enter your international order number and the email address associated with your PacSun Account and you'll see your order's up to date tracking information. You can also call borderless at (212) 299-3555 or email their customer support team at [email protected]. Once your package arrives in the destination country, you'll be contacted by a local carrier who will ultimately deliver your order. Borderless is a separate carrier, different from PacSun's domestic shipping partners. They make international shipping possible, even for orders that are shipped in multiple parts that arrive at different times, in which case you'll receive separate tracking numbers. Operating since 1999, Borderfree removes all of the complications of sending deliveries overseas, including navigating the complex world of customs fees and processing times. They enable shipping to 218 countries and territories and process orders in 75 different currencies.

Tracking PacSun Pre-Orders

If you've purchased a pre-order item, then you should expect a delay in your order's processing time until the item you've ordered becomes available in PacSun's inventory. During this waiting period, you won't be assigned a tracking number, so you won't be able to check the status online. Instead, you can call PacSun's Customer Support at (877) 372-2786.

Checking the Status of In-Store Pickups at PacSun

PacSun's in-store pickups don't come with tracking information in the way that a shipped order would. Instead, PacSun will send you email updates via the email address associated with your order. You'll be notified when your order is received and when it's ready for you to come and pick it up. To pick up your order, you'll just need to present a copy of your email confirmation and a Photo ID that matches the order name. At the time at which you place your order, you can also designate someone else to pick it up on your behalf. In that case, they'll need to present their ID and the email confirmation when picking it up.

Tracking PacSun Returns

If your PacSun order is eligible for return, you can request and print out a prepaid shipping label that will be emailed to you via PDF. This label will contain its own tracking number. Since PacSun returns are processed via FedEx, you can track your package on the FedEx website. While it takes just a few days for FedEx to get your package back to PacSun, it can take up to 20 business days for PacSun to process the return and issue your refund. Your bank's processing time, which can be up to 5 extra days, should also be factored in before your refund posts to your original method of payment.

PacSun Shipping and Delivery Times

PacSun ships orders during weekdays, except during holidays, and they do not ship on weekends. You'll want to take this into consideration when shopping on PacSun's website, but delivery is nonetheless relatively fast.

Domestic Shipping

When placing your order with domestic shipping, you can select your shipping speed at checkout. You'll have 3 options to choose from ranging from $6 to $20. Standard shipping ($6) covers any delivery location within the continental United States as well as Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. PacSun promises you'll receive items within 7 business days if you're located within the contiguous United States, while orders in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico can take up to 12 days to reach you. In most cases PacSun is able to meet or exceed their promised delivery timetables, but the exact time that it takes your package to reach you varies a bit from carrier to carrier. So it's always best to leave yourself a big enough window.

Expedited Domestic Shipping

If you need your items sooner, you can opt for Express Shipping for $13. This will ensure your order reaches you within 3 business days. For urgent orders, there is an Overnight Shipping option available for $20. However, to qualify for Overnight Shipping you must get your order into PacSun by 9am Pacific Time.

International Shipping

When you visit the PacSun website, they'll attempt to understand your location automatically by recognizing your computer's IP address. You can, however, override these settings manually on the site if you'd like to change your delivery country. PacSun ships to 57 countries, which can be selected from the dropdown on the checkout page. Just look for the icon with your country's flag and click to change it. You'll find that most PacSun items are eligible for international shipping, though some items can't be shipped internationally due to conflicts with the trademarks of various brands.

When you change your country you'll also have the option to change the currency in which prices are displayed. This makes it easy to understand your order's total price in the destination country's local currency. You'll notice that international shipping rates are more expensive than shipping domestically, and PacSun's domestic shipping promotions (like free shipping offers) do not extend to international orders. From time to time PacSun will offer promotional rates on international shipping, but these are limited and separate from the normal offers that you'd get as a PacSun Rewards member, for example. International Shipping from PacSun takes about 4 days of processing before they can be shipped, so you should always add this additional time to the shipping timeframe that you're quoted at checkout.

In-Store Pickup

PacSun offers plenty of options for in-store pickup, and store associates are available to help ensure that your order will be ready at a time that's convenient for you. Estimated fulfillment times are as little as 2 hours after your order is placed, except in cases where orders are placed less than 2 hours before a store closes. In those cases you can drop by the store the next day and your order should be ready and waiting for you. When placing your order, you'll be able to select the store at which you'd like to pick up your order. Since fulfillment times are so quick, once you place your order the pickup location is considered locked in and it cannot be changed. You'll then have 7 full days to pick up your order, after which it will be canceled and refunded automatically.

Final Thoughts

PacSun offers numerous shipping and delivery options so that you'll be covered whether you're picking up your order at a nearby store or shipping it across the world. Whatever type of order you choose, PacSun makes detailed tracking information available to you which is critical for staying up to date with delivery times. We hope our guide has outlined the various ways in which you can track the status of your PacSun orders so that you'll always know exactly when to expect your package.

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