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Ridgefield Stop and Shop

The Ridgefield Stop and Shop is located at 125 Danbury Rd in Copps Hill Plaza, which is one of the main shopping centers in the area. Nestled at the intersection of Danbury and Farmingville, you'll find a great selection of produce and fresh-baked goods here, as well as cavernous aisles filled with all of your favorite groceries.

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Ridgefield Stop and Shop - What's in this guide?

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What's the best Ridgefield Stop and Shop?

This is the only Stop and Shop location in Ridgefield, so we couldn't compare it shoulder to shoulder with other Stop and Shop locations, but it's a very decent standalone location. In customer satisfaction it comes in at just a pinch under its peers at 3.9 stars. We do like to see Stop and Shops aiming above the 4.0 mark, but given what customers are saying, we feel that this location has the potential to be truly great. In addition, we've estimated the number of shoppers at this store to be less than other Stop and Shop locations on average, so it appears they have some work to do in terms of marketing. Those types of inititives have been known to boost business and, in turn, raise the level of service provided to customers.

Weekly Circular Deals at the Ridgefield Stop and Shop

We're always on the lookout for the weekly flyer from Stop and Shop because you can usually find great some deals. We definitely found our fare share of great prices and fresh food at Stop and Shop's Ridgefield locations, so we decided to compare it to the nearby Milillo Farms. While Stop and Shop obviously has a massive selection of packaged goods, Milillo Farms took our breath away with their endless selection of produce. No matter what we chose, it was extremely fresh and delicious, but we have to give a special shoutout to their strawberries and cherries. It's no wonder that Milillo Farms is so highly rated. For more information, you can head over to Milillo Farms's Facebook Page where you'll find some great photos of their produce and prepared foods.

Final thoughts about Ridgefield Stop and Shop

Whether you're visiting Stop and Shop's location at 125 Danbury Rd in Copps Hill Plazaor another grocery store in Connecticut, you'll definitely find a fantastic selection of grocery items. We generally recommend Stop & Shop as a great candidate out of the many options you have, but we know that Connecticut is a large state and you have many choices. We're always on the lookout for great recommendations and we're willing to evaluate another grocer of your choice. So if you've got a grocery store in mind that you like better than Ridgefield Stop and Shop, just let us know!

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