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The Colony Studio Movie Grill - Start Here

Located in Lewisville Towne Crossing, The Colony Studio Movie Grill is one of SMG's most popular locations. Since its first showing back in 2015, this location has earned a reputation as one of the area's most luxurious movie theaters, primarily due to its plush reclining seats and great dine-in service. We took a deep dive into Studio Movie Grill's location in The Colony, Texas and here's what we found…

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The Colony Studio Movie Grill - Start Here - What's in this guide?

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Overview of Studio Movie Grill, The Colony

Studio Movie Grill operates 21 theaters in the United States, with 10 of them located in Texas. With about half of their operations centered in the state it's no surprise that Studio Movie Grill's location in The Colony is the company's most popular theater. And with 11 screens, it's also one of the largest SMG theaters.

The Colony, Texas SMG Showtimes

Studio Movie Grill's location in The Colony typically screens between 9-12 movies at any given time with as many as 40 screenings on a single day.

Theater and Box Office Hours

SMG in The Colony operates from 3pm-9pm each weekday, except for Fridays. On Friday-Sunday the theater opens at 12pm, three hours earlier than usual, and stays open later. On Fridays and Saturdays it begins movies as late as 10:30pm, while on Sundays it reverts back to its usual final showtime of 9pm. Box office sales typically begin an hour prior to the day's first showtime and operate until shortly after the last movie of the day begins.

Ticket Refunds

You can exchange or refund your tickets as long as it's not within 1 hour of your scheduled showtime. This policy applies for tickets purchased directly from Studio Movie Grill and also for purchases made through third parties such as Fandango. If you'd like to initiate the return of your tickets, there's a simple and convenient website for SMG ticket refunds where you'll just need to submit your order number and make mention of the location at which you intended to see the movie.

SMG The Colony Phone Number

You can reach The Colony Studio Movie Grill by phone at (469) 405-8530.

SMG The Colony Customer Service

To get in touch with a guest representative, you can send a message to The Colony Studio Movie Grill's Customer Service department.

Seating Options

All of SMG's seating options are great, but some are in higher demand that others. For that reason you should always select your seat in advance to ensure you get the one you want. SMG in The Colony offers numerous types of seating with four distinct options for moviegoers:

Table A and Table B Seating: If you don't mind sharing a space, you can go for the Table A and Table B seating options. The large table surfaces are great for families with the main downside being that you'll be seated in a stationary chair which is not as comfortable as some of the other seating options.

Countertop Seats: Those who like the feeling of dining barside in a restaurant can do the same at Studio Movie Grill with their popular Countertop seats. Aligned in a contiguous row, you'll have no shortage of counter space when selecting this dining option.

Lounge Seats: If you're looking to take it up a notch as far as comfort goes, you can opt for a lounge seat. This comes with a personal tray table which offers a more private dining experience, and you'll also get more legroom between you and the seats around you. The drawback here is that this seat also doesn't recline, meaning you'll be seated upright for the duration of the movie. For that reason, many moviegoers decide to upgrade to SMG's most luxurious option, the reclining lounger.

Reclining Lounge Seats: These luxurious recliners provide all of the benefits of the lounge seat with a much more comfortable pitch.


We evaluated each of the 7 movie theaters within a 12-mile radius of the colony and found that Studio Movie's Grill was the area's 3rd most-frequented theater, and one of the highest rated. A qualitative review of publicly-available data suggests some notable lapses of customer service recently, mainly attributed to the serving of food and beverages (high wait times, disorganization, etc), but the complaints were met with a swift and satisfactory response from management. The theater does score high marks from customers overall, and we're keeping an eye out to see that SMG maintains their usual high standards.

Our Conclusion

Studio Movie Grill is one of the best places you can go to see a movie in The Colony, Texas. With its numerous screening auditoriums and deluxe seating options, you'll definitely be enjoying the show while experiencing the high life. You find plenty of options to eat and several dozen types of drinks available at the bar. All that's left now is for you to sit back and enjoy the show!

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