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Stop And Shop Associates Connect - Log In Here

Stop and Shop Associates Connect is a website where Stop and Shop employees can find information about their pay, work schedules, employee discounts and other work-related topics. While it's not a required tool for employees, this website is a great one-stop-shop for all things related to your career as a Stop and Shop team member. Below is our in-depth look at the official website for Stop and Shop employees.

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Stop And Shop Associates Connect - Log In Here - What's in this guide?

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Last Updated: November 8, 2023

Stop and Shop Employee Login

If you're a Stop and Shop associate and would like to access Associates Connect, simply sign in to Stop and Shop's platform for employees using your assigned username, password and PIN. If you don't have a pin, you'll need to sign in from a computer at a Stop and Shop store in order to set it up for the first time. If you have trouble logging in, talk to a store manager or supervisor for more help. They should set aside a specific time to get you started on the portal.

Recent Updates

As of November 2023, we've had some reports of several Stop and Shop employees describing challenges in accessing their online work schedules. These employees had experienced a redirect to a Microsoft site, and their user IDs and passwords were not working there. This situation has left many employees without access to their schedules and feeling frustrated, as they received no official communication from management. As of now, the issue remains unresolved, and some employees are resorting to using the physical schedules kept on-site at their place of employment for reference. Employees experiencing this problem are encouraged to contact their HR rep, and we'll share any further updates that we have about this issue.

Stop and Shop Employee Portal

Aside from providing access to standard HR information such as pay, benefits, and employee discount information, the Stop and Shop employee website can be used by associates to apply for different positions within their own store, or to apply for a job at a new location. Employees and the general public can browse through available Stop & Shop job vacancies directly on the website and find out more about Learn and Development Programs, wellness information, rewards and more. This provides associates with useful information about the history of Stop and Shop, updates about what's happening in-store, and fun tidbits that build a strong company culture.

Homeaccess for Stop and Shop

While some employee portals only allow employees to sign in at work, Stop and Shop Associates Connect can be utilized by employees and customers at any time via Homeaccess. Available via PC, tablet, and phone, this employee portal is available 24 hours a day. That means you can check out your store's news and photos from your own home without having your access restricted.

Stop and Shop Employee Assistance

While the portal is designed to give employees and customers news about Stop and Shop, there are also elements of the portal that are restricted to associates only such as the Stop & Shop employee assistance programs. Stop and Shop has partnered with Magellan to offer associates advice and tools on a wide range of issues such as legal support, weight loss, coping with anxiety and stress, depression, grief and more. They even provide employees with a free consultation and solutions in order to help them when experiencing a crisis. As an employee, you are required to log in to view further information about these services, which helps ensure that your privacy is being maintained.

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