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Tell The Bell, Taco Bell Survey • Win $500

Taco Bell has released a customer satisfaction survey in order to gather feedback across its 7,700+ restaurants. The company wants to know the opinion of its customers in order to improve its service, and the TellTheBell Survey is available to anyone with a valid receipt. Those who complete it can enter to win $500.

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Tell The Bell, Taco Bell Survey • Win $500 - What's in this guide?

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How do I access the Taco Bell Survey?

You can access the Taco Bell Survey here. The survey is available in both English and Spanish.

Which Taco Bell locations participate in the survey?

As the survey is run by Taco Bell's corporate headquarters, most Taco Bell locations allow you to take part when you make a purchase.

Why is the TellTheBell Survey hosted on a separate website?

Companies will often isolate their main marketing website from other parts of their business. For example, Taco Bell maintains its own main website where you can learn about their company and place your order, but the survey is hosted on a standalone website called TellTheBell.com. This is set up and maintained by SMG, which is the company that Taco Bell uses to administrate, measure and manage their customer responses. SMG also creates and maintains standalone survey websites for many other brands including Wendy's and Chick-fil-A. Their roster includes more than 25 of the top 50 restaurants and more than 20% of the top 20 retailers, so they know quite a bit about collecting customer feedback.

Access with Taco Bell Survey Code

There is no username and password required in order to access the Tell The Bell website and you'll instead get into the Taco Bell Survey with a receipt from a recent purchase. Just locate and provide the 16-digit survey code that's located on your receipt. Alternatively, if you do not have a 16-digit code, you can enter the Store Number along with the exact date and time of your visit. Taco Bell will then verify that your receipt is valid.

What are the questions on the Taco Bell Survey?

Here are some common questions you'll find on the survey:

• How was your overall experience?
• How did you place your order?
• Did you dine in or pick up?
• Which items did you order?
• Would you recommend or return to this restaurant within the next 30 days?
• Were there any problems with your experience?

What does Taco Bell do with the results?

Taco Bell uses the results of the survey to help understand their shortcomings and to improve the experience for other customers. Surveys of this nature can also help the company understand what they are doing well in order to emphasize those strengths in future customer interactions. This is done through analyzing the survey results in order to identify trends and themes among customer feedback, and to understand the sentiment being expressed across a broad range of responses.

How many times can I participate in the survey?

Since every purchase gives you a new receipt with unique transaction details, you can participate in the survey multiple times. This makes sense because Taco Bell is actually trying to gauge your particular experience with each of your purchases across numerous restaurant locations. It's certainly possible that you'd have a great experience followed by a poor experience, for example, and the company wants to know about both so that they can improve across the board.

How long do I have to complete the survey?

You have between 3-7 days from your purchase date to complete the Taco Bell questionnaire. After this 3-7 day period, the information found on your receipt may no longer allow you to access the feedback form.

Enter the TellTheBell.com Sweepstakes

Once you complete the survey you'll have the option of entering into a drawing to win $500. There are 2 winners selected per month over the course of 11 months. You can check the official rules of the sweepstakes for a detailed breakdown of the entry terms, but here is a brief overview:

• You must be 18 or older to enter
• Taco Bell employees and their family members are prohibited from entering
• You can enter a maximum of once per day
• Each entry is valid for one month only and does not roll over to the next month
• Four winners will be selected randomly every month
• There is a limit of one prize per household

What is the Taco Bell Survey payout schedule?

The contest has 11 entry periods with drawings that will be held once per month according to the following schedule:
• February entries will be drawn on April 2
• March entries will be drawn on April 30
• April entries will be drawn on May 28
• May entries will be drawn on June 25
• June entries will be drawn on July 23
• July entries will be drawn on August 20
• August entries will be drawn on September 17
• September entries will be drawn on October 26
• October entries will be drawn on November 12
• November entries will be drawn on December 10
• December entries will be drawn on January 7

Where can I find a list of the TellTheBell.com Winners

You can find a full list of winners of the TellTheBell.com Sweepstakes here.

Final Thoughts

The Taco Bell Survey is a great resource for customers who want to communicate directly with the company in order to convey how they feel about a recent experience at a Taco Bell restaurant. It's certainly important that only verified customers with a valid recent receipt can participate, as this ensures that the company will only receive authentic responses. The option of entering into a contest with a potential prize of $500 is a great incentive for participation as well.

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