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The SoLoyal Team
The SoLoyal Team

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West Hartford Stop and Shop

West Hartford is home to two Stop and Shop locations, with a third one situated close by in the center of Hartford. These are three solid options for your grocery shopping and pride themselves on having a local character despite being part of a large grocery chain that operates in a big city. Whether you're stopping by the Farmington Ave location, or the one at 176 Newington Rd, you're bound to find what you're looking for.

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West Hartford Stop and Shop - What's in this guide?

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What's the best West Hartford Stop and Shop?

Selecting the best West Hartford Stop and Shop was a bit of a challenge as both the 1235 Farmington Ave location and the 176 Newington Rd store were far less popular than its neighbor based in Hartford proper. The 150 New Park Ave Stop and Shop in Hartford outperforms the two West Hartford stores on 1235 Farmington Ave and 176 Newington Rd, which is not easy when you consider that it has to maintain its high quality marks across nearly four times the traffic. That can put a serious strain on customer service resources as well as overall management, but the Hartford Stop and Shop seems to handle this quite well. So, to summarize our review, we'll say that both West Hartford Stop and Shops stand on roughly equal footing. Nothing exactly wrong with them, but if you're able to trek into the heart of Hartford, there's a better option there for you.

Weekly Circular Deals at the West Hartford Stop and Shop

We're always on the lookout for the weekly flyer from Stop and Shop because you can usually find great some deals. We opened our Stop and Shop Weekly Circular in search of a great deal and ended up landing on Jimmy Dean Applewood Smoked Bacon. It comes sold in a 12-ounce package and we were able to pick up 3 pakcs for $10, making this one of the best breakfast deals around. As part of the deal you can also opt for the Hickory Smoked variety, or you can mix and match packages to customize your flavor pairings.

Final thoughts about West Hartford Stop and Shop

Whether you're visiting Stop and Shop's location at 1235 Farmington Aveor another grocery store in Connecticut, you'll definitely find a fantastic selection of grocery items. We generally recommend Stop & Shop as a great candidate out of the many options you have, but we know that Connecticut is a large state and you have many choices. We're always on the lookout for great recommendations and we're willing to evaluate another grocer of your choice. So if you've got a grocery store in mind that you like better than West Hartford Stop and Shop, just let us know!

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