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The Best Red Robin Salads

In addition to its famous burgers, Red Robin also has a great variety of salads on the menu for those who are more health conscious. With greens harvested from GMO-free family farms, Red Robin's salad options like the Mighty Caesar and the Avo-Cobb-O are great ways to eat healthy. We'll explore some of Red Robin's healthy options in order to help you make better choices.

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The Best Red Robin Salads - What's in this guide?

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The Avocobbo Salad at Red Robin

One of Red Robin's fan favorites is the Avo-Cobb-O Salad. This creative dish features all of the classic ingredients of a regular Cobb Salad such as blue cheese, bacon, hard-boiled eggs and chopped chicken, but as the name suggests, Red Robin has spiced things up by adding avocados. This unique take on the American classic remains one of Red Robin's most popular dishes, and clocking in at just over 500 calories, it's a much healthier alternative to some of the standard menu fare. The Royal Red Robin Burger, for example, packs a hefty calorie count of more than 1,100!

Red Robin Simply Grilled Chicken Salad

Sometimes keeping it simple pays off, and that's exactly what comes to mind when ordering the Simply Grilled Chicken Salad from Red Robin. Served on a bed of mixed greens, this five-ingredient salad combines grilled chicken with tomatoes, croutons and cucumbers. In fact, the only decadent ingredient you'll find on this salad is the cheddar cheese, which is why this salad has only 270 calories and is by far the healthiest option, other than the House Salad. But seeing as House Salads at Red Robin are available as an 'endless' option that comes with free refills, the 100 calories per serving can add up pretty fast.

Red Robin's Southwest Salad

With its signature mix of ancho-grilled chicken, jalapenos, beans, and tortilla strips, this mixed masterpiece carries the flavors of America's Southwest straight into your plate. What really makes this salad a standout is the Salsa-Ranch Dressing, something you can only find a Red Robin, and a perfect pairing with this dish. One thing to watch out for, however, is that this salad has nearly 900 calories, putting it squarely in burger territory. So if you're paying attention to your calorie intake, you might want to choose something lighter.

Red Robin Salad Dressings

No salad is complete without a drizzle of dressing, but as we all know, it's easy to overdo it. Red Robin offers 6 dressings including Ranch, Italian, Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island, Poppyseed-Honey Mustard, and Balsamic Vinaigrette. Just two ounces of Red Robin's salad dressing can set you back between 100-360 calories. The bulk of this comes from the oil-based dressings which also have a high fat content. A three-ounce serving of these dressings can range from 160-530 calories, which when added to the salad itself, can more than double the number of calories you'll consume in the meal.

Red Robin Catering

If larger portions are in order, you can include a salad in your catering order at Red Robin. The Red Robin Catering Menu carries 4 salads, including the House Salad, Avo-Cobb-O, Crispy Chicken Salad, and the Mighty Caesar, all of which are available in sizes that serve between 6 to 10 people and will allow your whole group eat healthy.

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