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GameStop Comenity Credit Card • Full Guide

The GameStop Comenity Credit Card can help make your shopping experience at GameStop even more rewarding, particularly for PowerUp members who tend to shop there frequently. The Comenity Card can help you stretch your payments over time and gives you access to special offers. We'll break it all down here…

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GameStop Comenity Credit Card • Full Guide - What's in this guide?

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How PowerUp Rewards Works

GameStop's PowerUp Rewards enables you to earn 1 point per $1 spent. You can redeem every 1,000 points earned for a $1 reward, effectively getting you 1% back in rewards at GameStop. You can also opt for the GameStop Pro Membership which costs $14.99 per month and gives you 2% back in rewards in addition to a $5 monthly rewards credit and several other benefits.

With the Comenity Credit Card

If you are a GameStop Comenity Credit Card holder you'll get extra flexibility and special offers on top of the PowerUp Rewards benefits you're already earning. We'll cover it all here.

Card Fees

The Comenity GameStop Credit Card has no annual fee. It is, however, subject to interest rates if you take advantage of the card's Credit Plan feature. In addition there is a Late Payment and Returned Payment fee of $30 each. Each of these fees increases to $41 if you were charged the fee more than once within the previous 6 months.

Due Date

When your billing period ends, you'll have 25 days to pay. If you pay your entire balance by the monthly due date, you'll avoid any interest charges. If you don't pay the full balance, you'll forfeit your ability to earn a grace period on new purchases. You can regain it by paying your full balance for 2 months in a row.

Credit Plan & Interest

You can pay your bill over time using the card's Credit Plan feature. The Credit Plan typically applies on a transaction by transaction basis but this can sometimes be split into multiple Credit Plans if, for example, a single transaction results in multiple shipments. You'll be able to make monthly payments as low as $35, but your monthly payment amount will also include any outstanding balance plus whatever you owe as part of your Credit Plan (i.e. any interest and fees). The APR on the GameStop Comenity Credit Card ranges from 25%-30% and there is a minimum interest charge of $2 per month.

Special Offers

As a cardholder, you'll get the opportunity to participate in sweepstakes, contests and other promotions. These will be communicated to you by Game Stop from time to time.

How to Apply

You can apply for the GameStop Comenity Credit Card here. You'll get an immediate decision as soon as you submit the application.

Pay Your Bill

The best way to pay your GameStop Comenity Credit Card is to use Comenity's EasyPay system. This allows you to pay your bill without logging into your account. Instead of using a username and password combination, you'll just need your credit card account number, zip code, and your ID number.

Customer Support

You can reach GameStop Comenity customer support by calling 1-855-497-8168.

Final Thoughts

The GameStop Comenity Credit Card offers great flexibility when paying for purchases. If you keep an eye on your monthly credit card statement and don't slip into default on your payments, you'll benefit from extra time to pay your bill without getting hit with interest rates. For anyone who shops at GameStop frequently, or is a PowerUp Rewards member, we'd recommend taking a look at the GameStop Credit Card.

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