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CPK Calibrate • Complete Guide

Created and released in 2013, CPK Calibrate is California Pizza Kitchen's main employee portal. You can use Calibrate to apply for jobs at CPK, contact the HR department, check your employee benefits, and manage your paychecks. You can also use the system to communicate and share ideas with a community of your colleagues. Here's our deep dive into CPK Calibrate…

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CPK Calibrate • Complete Guide - What's in this guide?

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What is CPK Calibrate?

Calibrate was created in order to improve communication between CPK and its employees, and to increase engagement among staff members. As a centralized hub for the company's 14,000 employees, which are employed at 200 CPK locations in the U.S. and abroad, Calibrate is a crucial piece of technology that keeps the organization running.

Who can use it?

CPK Management uses Calibrate to recruit and onboard new job applicants, and to track their application status. With over 1,000 potential new hires each month, the portal is an important part of ensuring a smooth and organized employee recruitment process. Once new employees are hired, CPK's HR department uses Calibrate to cultivate relationships with them. The platform also enables CPK to pay employee salaries efficiently and provides a full suite of analytics to managers and corporate-level personnel. Current employees use Calibrate to manage their shifts and paychecks, while past employees can access their employment records on the platform.

How does it work?

In addition to enabling access to information, CPK Calibrate has innovative features that are meant to connect employees to one another socially. This cross-communication is directly facilitated by the platform's social features like personal profiles, discussion areas, idea boards, blogs, and photo sharing. CPK Management also leverages these features to provide important company information, to offer recognition, and to give incentives to its community members.

How to Sign Up

When you begin your employment with CPK, your employer will work with you to help set up your username and password. You'll want to choose something that is easy to remember as you'll need this each time you log in to the Calibrate system.

How to Log In

You can login to the platform from any CPK restaurant or from home. This will give you access to your employment information from any web browser. You'll just need to enter the username and password combination that you chose when you signed up for the platform. After that just click the 'Sign In' button to access your dashboard.

Reset Your Username

Your CPK Calibrate password can always be reset by clicking the 'Forgot Username' button, which is located right underneath the 'Sign In' button. When you click this you'll be taken to a screen where you can enter the email address that's on file with CPK. The Calibrate system will not tell you if you've input an unrecognized email address, so if you can't remember which one you used when registering, you'll need to request that information from your employer. If you are able to complete the request successfully, just make sure that you can access the destination mailbox and that it's secure, as anyone who has access to your email will receive your Calibrate username after you request it. Once you're ready, click 'Retrieve Username.' You can also cancel this process to get back to the main sign in screen.

Reset Your Password

Although current employees of California Pizza Kitchen log into the platform regularly, there's always the chance that you'll forget your password. In addition, there are cases where a lot of time has elapsed since the last time you accessed Calibrate and you may not remember your login info. For example, former employees often need to get back into the system to retrieve important information like their employment history and information relating to overtime pay. Records of when you received your paychecks and how much you got paid can come in handy around tax time, in cases when you need to provide this information to a bank, or during the application process for renting an apartment.

Manual Reset

The password reset functions according to the exact same process as the username request feature. You'll just click 'Forgot Password' instead and follow the exact same instructions. Like the username request, you'll only get a password reset link if you've input an email that is recognized by the system. You won't receive any error message or notification if you've put in the wrong email address.

Automatic Reset

If it's been more than 6 months since your last time accessing the platform, Calibrate will trigger an automatic password reset. In this case, your password will default to your birth month, birth date, plus your home zip code. It will be expressed in a single string of numbers. So, for example, if you were born on December 19th and you live in the 10036 zip code it will look like this: 121910036. Keep in mind that even if your password gets automatically reset, your username won't change and you will still need it to access your account.

Inside the Platform

Once you log into Calibrate, you'll be able to set up your personal profile, including adding a profile picture to help identify you within the community. You can also set your 'home restaurant' so that other employees can see where you work. On the left side you'll find a menu with several sections that allow you to quickly access some of the platform's more interactive features. For example, you'll see an icon for your tasks with a count of those that still need to be completed. You can also use this menu to ask a question to HR, upload content to the platform's social area, or manage any posts you've made in the past. The right side of the screen allows you to access the platform's social features, explore jobs at CPK, review your employee benefits, discover new resources, and get to know the community programs that CPK is involved with.

Final Thoughts

Calibrate was modeled after the numerous social platforms that employees use in their personal lives and built as a broad network that brings all CPK locations and employees together under one roof. Its success lies in that each employee benefits from an individual and personalized experience on the platform, while the company is able to communicate more effectively with team members. It's no doubt that Calibrate has been a game changer for CPK and their employees. It logs more than 400,000 hours of user activity per year and, since its debut in 2013, has garnered about 54 million total page views. In a given month, the average employee logs into the system about 6 times and shares at least one piece of content. With so many users and so much activity flowing through the technology, it's clear that Calibrate has had a transformative effect on California Pizza Kitchen's ability to organize its employees and motivate its workforce. And, because of the social features, Calibrate has also had a net positive impact on CPK's company culture.

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