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Jimmy John's PDF Menu - Get It Here

Looking for the most up-to-date Jimmy John's Menu in PDF form? We've got you covered. Browse signature sandwiches or build your own. Check out the Spicy East Coast Italian Sub or step it up to the massive J.J. Gargantuan. We've made the full Jimmy John's menu available in an easily accessible PDF.

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Jimmy John's PDF Menu - Get It Here - What's in this guide?

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Last Updated: November 27, 2023

Get the Jimmy John's Menu PDF

Click here to access the Jimmy John's PDF Menu.


In October 2023, Jimmy John's announced that they have decided to permanently include wraps on their menu. The announcement comes after some limited-time test runs, the most recent of which took place in May 2023. The chain is introducing three wraps on a permanent basis: the classic Chicken Caesar Wrap, the spicy Jalapeño Ranch Chicken Wrap, and a new Tuscan Italian Wrap. These menu additions follow prior experimentation with wraps in 2021 and 2022, where some flavors didn't resonate well with customers.

This decision signals a possible comeback for wraps in the fast-food world, after the craze gained significant traction around the early 2000s before ultimately fizzling out. Back then, chains like McDonald's had popularized wraps as a lighter, handheld alternative to traditional burgers and sandwiches. Marketed as a healthier option, the wraps leveraged different flavors and ingredients and catered to evolving consumer preferences for convenient, portable meals. Today, chains like Burger King, Wendy's, and KFC have also explored or introduced wraps, also looking to capitalize on the trend.

Jimmy John's Menu Nutrition

With a pretty diverse menu of sandwiches containing different meat and size options, you'll want to do your homework about calorie counts and fat content. We've conveniently compiled the complete Jimmy John's Menu Nutritional Information for any item you order at Jimmy John's.

Jimmy John's Menu with Prices

The PDF of the Jimmy John's Menu is divided into 4 separate steps to guide you through the ordering process. We'll explain each step here to break it all down for you, and if you want to dig deeper you can explore the full Jimmy John's Menu with Prices.

Step 1: Select Your Bread

At the top of the Jimmy John's PDF Menu, you'll find 5 options for bread: French Bread, 8-inch French, 16-Inch French, Sliced Wheat, and the 'Unwich' wrap. This Jimmy John's menu has prices that change based on the type of bread you select. So keep that in mind when ordering.

Step 2: Choose Your Sandwich

This is where the real fun begins. You'll have your pick of a whopping 17 different sandwich varieties, ranging from originals like The Pepe, Big John, and the Turkey Tom, and you can also take a walk on the wild side with the Club Lulu, the Ultimate Porker, or the Italian Night Club. Not included in the 17 main sandwich options is the enormous J.J. Gargantuan. With up to 2,000 calories, that one is simply in a league of its own.

Step 3: Make it Your Own

This step lets you get creative, dressing up your sub with additional meat choices that may not be included in your normal sub order. Add tuna salad, salami and capicola, bacon, or provolone cheese, among many other options.

Step 4: Finish Here

Put the finishing touches on your Jimmy John's masterpiece with this special section of the PDF menu. Add drinks from the fountain, or grab sides like chips and avocado spread. If you've got a craving for something sweet, the very bottom of the PDF has a couple of treats for dessert. Finish off your meal with a Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin cookie.

Final Thoughts

Jimmy John's has always been one of our favorite sandwich shops. They've somehow managed to keep it simple while offering a ton of variety as far as how to customize your sub. The numerous sandwich choices always keep us guessing as to what we should order, and additional menu items like the cookies and sides add something unexpected and fun. We hope you enjoyed this deep dive, and we invite you to come back and revisit our Jimmy John's PDF menu any time.

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