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Get the Red Robin PDF Menu

We've put together this PDF Menu so that you can easily browse everything available at Red Robin. Grab a veggie burger, order a signature cocktail from the drink menu, or make your way through the numerous appetizer options. We explored everything on Red Robin's menu, from the nutritional info to the prices, and here's what we found…

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Get the Red Robin Menu PDF

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Red Robin Menu Overview

Most quick-service restaurants tend to keep it short and sweet, sticking to their classics while occasionally adding items in order to capitalize on the latest dietary trends. But take one look at Red Robin's menu and you'll realize you're in rarified territory. With so many combinations and ways to build your meal, you'll definitely need some guidance. That's where we come in. We've compiled Red Robin's entire menu into a handy PDF and we've also broken it down in this post so that it's easier for you to navigate. Each section of Red Robin's menu is described here so that you can get a good idea of the many possibilities that are available when crafting the perfect meal.

The Drink Section

The first thing you might look for on Red Robin's menu are the drinks. This is, after all, how most people start their order at a restaurant. You'll notice several styles of alcoholic and virgin cocktails, as well as some shakes for dessert.

Soft Drinks

Red Robin carries Coca-Cola products including Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite. They also have Dr. Pepper, Barq's Root Beer and some Minute Maid drinks.

Lemonade & Tea

You'll find Red Robin's famous Freckled Lemonade (as well as Poppin' Purple Lemonade), Very Berry Raspberry Limeade, and Fresh-Brewed Tea. Each of these drinks cost about $4.49 and have around 150-200 calories.

Monster Milkshakes and Malts

These are so big and creamy that they're quite like ordering a full dessert. You'll definitely pay the price as far as the 500-600 calories are concerned, but at $3.99, you won't take as big of a hit in the wallet as you might expect. You can order a milkshake in Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Raspberry, or Peach flavor. And then it gets a little complicated. Those aforementioned flavors and prices are for the 'Classic' milkshakes. When you step it up to the 'Monster' size, you're in a whole different league. Each of these milkshakes is only a dollar more, but they pack in double the calories at around 1,000 cals per drink. Given that most menus are based on the assumption of a 2,000 calorie per day diet, it's kind of hard to imagine getting half of your daily calorie intake in a few minutes through a straw. But if you're game then so are we, and you'll have your pick from the Salted Caramel Milkshake, the chocolate-banana flavored Nana-Nana Moo-Moo, the Mint Brownie Milkshake, and the Cookie Magic (they're Oreos in case you were wondering).


If you want to go the healthier route, you should consider the Hawaiian Heart Throb or Coconut Pineapple Smoothie. They run about 300-500 calories and clock in at $3.99.

Appetizers and Salads

There are some large and delicious salads at Red Robin, but we won't dwell on the details here because we've covered that in a separate post. Our favorite is the Avo-Cobb-O, but suffice it to say that you'll have plenty to choose from. The appetizers deserve plenty of attention, though, because they're pretty unique, especially for a fast food joint.

$5 Apps

We love the pretzel bites, which go great with a beer and some cheese dip, and the Fried Pickle Nickels are fantastic as well. There are others, like the Classic Wedge Salad and the O-Ring Shorty, that are flavorful and definitely worth checking out. At five bucks, you've got to pick up one of these as the first stop to building your Red Robin meal.

$7 Apps

If you want to step it up to another level in the appetizer game, the Chili Chili Cheese Fries are a must. You can also head south of the border toward the Guac, Chips, & Salsa, or keep it creamy with the Artichoke & Spinach Dip. Whatever you choose from the seven dollar section, your two extra greenbacks will give you access to more options and bigger portions.

$9 Apps

Hey big spender. If you're looking to go all out on the apps, then the $9 section is for you. These include Red's Bold Boneless Wings, Towering Onion Rings, and a crazy nacho dish called NachOMG. If you're keeping an eye on your calories, just be aware that this nine dollar section crosses the redline into the danger zone. Those o-rings we mentioned before are about 1,900 calories. Pretty extreme for a pile of onions, don't you think?

Vegan Burgers

Much has been written about the absolutely delicious burgers at Red Robin and the fact that you can get one free on your Birthday as a rewards member, so we won't dwell on the details. But let's just say that the demand for vegan and veggie burgers has definitely been on the rise lately and they're starting to rival some of the classics like the Whiskey River BBQ Burger, the Blue Ribbon, and the Guacamole Bacon Burger. However we do hear that The Royal Red Robin, which puts bacon and eggs on top of a beef patty, is still very much in demand.

Impossible Burgers

Burger alternatives are everywhere nowadays, and they've even made their way into some unexpected places. Indeed the world's biggest burger monger is now catering to a plant-based public, which seems to have an increasingly ravenous hankering for this synthetic sandwich. Enter the Red Robin Impossible Burger, which can be swapped for any of their beef burgers.

Everything Else

If you peruse the rest of the menu, you'll find a great array of wraps, sandwiches, and other so-called 'Fun on a Bun,' which includes some chicken-based versions of Red Robin's classic burgers. After the big meal, you'll want to take a peek at the desert menu, which features Mountain High Mudd Pie, Gooey Chocolate Brownie Cake, and Double Berry Cheesecake.

Final Thoughts

The diversity of options on Red Robin's menu means you'll have a lot to consider when placing your order, and the possibilities are nearly endless. We hope this post and our PDF version of the Red Robin menu have helped you to understand the possibilities and properly map out your meal. Feel free to drop by anytime to take another look.

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