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Torrid Comenity Credit Card • Full Guide

Torrid Rewards members that opt to open a Torrid Comenity Credit Card get even more perks than regular members. You'll get a discount on every purchase you make with the card in addition to a great welcome bonus. We'll break it all down for you here…

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Torrid Comenity Credit Card • Full Guide - What's in this guide?

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How Torrid Rewards Works

You can join Torrid Rewards for free, and you don't need to apply for the Torrid Credit Card to do so. As a non-credit card member you can level up through the program's 3 status levels, each of which increases your points-earning potential. For example, entry-level Torrid Rewards members get 4% back in rewards while Loyalist members get 6% back. VIP Members have reached the highest tier in Torrid's Rewards program, and they earn 8% back in rewards on all their purchases.

With the Comenity Credit Card

Once you open a Torrid Comenity Credit Card, you'll start seeing the benefits immediately. You'll get 40% off your first purchase after opening the card as well as 5% off every purchase you make with the card. That's on top of the rewards you normally earn for being a Torrid Rewards member, effectively increasing your maximum potential rewards-earning to 13% in the highest tier. The one catch with the 40% offer is that you must be approved immediately for the card, meaning your application has to be approved within the same day that it's submitted. Note that you can't combine the 40% offer with any other promotion, including the 5% card discount.

In addition to all of these benefits, you'll also get a welcome offer of $15 off a purchase of $50 or more. This is another great way to get an immediate discount with the Torrid Comenity Credit Card and it's valid for everyone except for Torrid Employees. Also, just keep in mind that for all of the Torrid Credit Card promotions the purchase of items from Spanx are typically excluded.

How to Apply

You can apply for the Torrid Comenity Credit Card here.

Pay Your Bill

The best way to pay your Torrid Comenity Credit Card is to use Comenity's EasyPay system. This allows you to pay your bill without logging into your account. Instead of using a username and password combination, you'll just need your credit card account number, zip code, and your ID number.

Customer Support

You can reach Torrid Comenity customer support by calling 1.866.867.7431.

Final Thoughts

The Torrid Comenity Credit Card offers substantial benefits above and beyond what you would normally get as a Torrid Rewards member without the credit card. While the entry-level status in the program earns you 4% back in rewards, you can earn up to 13% back with the card. In addition, the 40% discount off your first purchase and the voucher for $15 off orders of $50 or more help make this card a very valuable asset for frequent Torrid shoppers.

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