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Official Wendy's Survey • Win $500 & Free Sandwiches

Wendy's has released a customer satisfaction survey in order to gather feedback across its 6,500+ restaurants. Wendy's wants to know the opinion of its customers in order to improve its service, and the TalkToWendys Survey is available to anyone with a valid receipt. Those who complete it will get a Free Sandwich and can enter to win $500.

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Official Wendy's Survey • Win $500 & Free Sandwiches - What's in this guide?

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How do I access the TalkToWendys Survey?

You can access the TalkToWendys Free Sandwich Survey on the Wendy's Wants to Know website. The survey is available in both English and Spanish, as well as French for its Canadian customers.

Why is Wendy's Wants to Know hosted on a separate website?

Companies will often isolate their main marketing website from other parts of their business. For example, Wendy's maintains its main website where you can learn about their company as well as a separate website for their job applications and another for its TalkToWendys Free Sandwich Survey. This is set up and maintained by SMG, which is the company that they use to help them measure and manage their customer responses. SMG also creates and maintains standalone survey websites for many other brands including Firehouse Subs and Party City. Their roster includes more than 25 of the top 50 restaurants and more than 20% of the top 20 retailers, so they know quite a bit about collecting customer feedback.

What are the questions on the Wendy's Survey?

In order to participate in the Wendy's Survey, you'll need to prove that you're a customer. You can do this by inputting some basic information that is printed on your receipt including the Restaurant Number of the location you visited, as well as the date and time of your visit. You'll then click 'Start' and confirm your location and date of your visit. You'll see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen indicating how far along in the survey you are as you rate your experience from 'Highly Satisfied' to 'Highly Dissatisfied.' Here are the questions on the Wendy's Survey:

• Were you satisfied with your experience at this Wendy's?
• Was it a Dine In, Carry Out, Drive Thru, or Delivery Visit?
• Did you place your order with an employee or by using the Wendy's App?
• How was the portion size, taste, visual appeal, and temperature of your food, and the friendliness of the staff?
• How was the knowledge of the staff, quality of the food, speed of the service, cleanliness of the restaurant, and the accuracy of your order?
• Was your meal a good value for the price?
• Did you have any problems with your order?
• Would you recommend or return to this Wendy's within the next 30 days?
• Were you greeted and thanked for your visit?
• Did the staff members smile and make eye contact with you?
• Did you customize your order?
• How many times have you visited this Wendy's in the past 30 days?
• Did you order the 4 for $4 and if so, which item did you order?
• Did you order french fries and if so how was the freshness, taste, temperature and portion size?

You'll also get the chance to expound on your selections with an open form text field where you can write as many details as you'd like about your experience. Once completed, you'll get a 5-digit code which can be redeemed for a Free Sandwich at Wendy's.

How do I enter the Wendy's $500 Sweepstakes?

At the end of the Wendy's Survey, you'll be asked if you're willing to answer a few more questions in exchange for a link where you can register for the $500 grand prize.

What does Wendy's do with the results?

Wendy's uses the results of the survey to help understand their shortcomings and to improve the experience for other Wendy's customers. Surveys of this nature can also help the company understand what they are doing well in order to emphasize those strengths in future customer interactions. This is done through analyzing the survey results in order to identify trends and themes among customer feedback, and to understand the sentiment being expressed across a broad range of responses.

How many times can I participate in the survey?

Since every purchase gives you a new receipt with unique transaction details, you can participate in the survey multiple times. This makes sense because Wendy's is actually trying to gauge your particular experience with each of your purchases across numerous Wendy's locations. It's certainly possible that you'd have a great experience followed by a poor experience, for example, and the company wants to know about both so that they can improve across the board.

How long do I have to complete the survey?

With surveys like this, you typically have 3-7 days from your purchase date to complete the TalkToWendy's questionnaire. After this 3-7 day period, the information found on your receipt may no longer allow you to access the feedback form.

What do I get if I complete the survey?

Those who complete the Wendy's Survey will get a Free Sandwich. If you opt to participate in the additional questionnaire you will also be entered to win $500. Here is a brief overview of the contest rules:

• You must be 19 or older to enter
• Wendy's employees are prohibited from entering
• You can enter a maximum of once per month, per email address
• Each entry is valid for one month only and does not roll over to the next month
• Winners will be selected randomly every month

Final Thoughts

The Wendy's Survey is a great resource for customers who want to communicate directly with the company in order to convey how they feel about a recent experience at a Wendy's restaurant. It's certainly important that only verified customers with a valid recent receipt can participate, as this ensures that the company will only receive authentic responses. The Free Sandwich is a great incentive to participate, as is the additional option of entering into a contest with a potential prize of $500.

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