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Contact Athleta Customer Service Here

The Athleta clothing brand does indeed provide customer service, but with 8 different support channels, it can often be difficult to know where to turn. We've explored all of the possible ways of reaching Athleta's customer support and we've put together this helpful guide to understanding when, why and how to contact them. Read on below to see what we've found…

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Contact Athleta Customer Service Here - What's in this guide?

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About Athleta Customer Service

Athleta is part of a group of brands that includes Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic. Although they're part of the same family and they share a website that enables you to build a single shopping cart across all brands, these companies each have different customer service departments. This can be confusing as many people end up contacting the support team for Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic when they really want to get a hold of Athleta support. That's why it's important to clearly understand the communication channels that Athleta has established in order for customers to reach them.


Athleta Customer Serviceoperates on extended hours from 7am-1am Eastern Time. The fact that they're open 18 hours a day, even on weekends, means they are able to cover service issues that come in from across many different time zones. As a brand with large distribution and global reach, this broad customer support configuration is necessary for them to be able to properly take care of their sprawling customer base.

By Phone from the U.S.

If you're calling from within the United States you can reach Athleta Customer Service via phone by dialing their toll free number, (877) 328-4538.

By Phone from Outside the U.S.

If you're calling from overseas, you'll want to dial (614) 744-3960 to reach Athleta Customer Service.

Relay Service

For those Athleta customers who are are hearing or speech impaired, you can utilize the relay service to contact customer support at 711.

Athleta Live Chat

Athleta operates a live chat feature that is located on their official customer support page. To use this chat you'll have the option of filling out your personal information or contacting support anonymously. You'll then need to select a topic such as Order Status and Tracking, Returns and Exchanges, International Orders, etc. The chat is available during regular support hours, from 7am-1am Eastern Time, daily.

Athleta Credit Card Support

As of June 17, 2022, Athleta changed their credit card provider from Synchrony Bank to Barclays. This affects the way some Athelta Credit Card customer support elements are handled. Any billing issues will now run through Barclays, meaning any payments that you've scheduled with Synchrony for after June 16, 2022 will be canceled and will need to be rescheduled. For regular cardholder customer support issues, the department you contact depends on your status level within Athleta's rewards program.

Enthusiast Level Credit Card Holders

When you first open your Athleta account, you'll be at the Enthusiast status level. This is a great way to bypass the usual requirement of spending at least $500 per year with the brand. If you have any customer support needs, you can call (855) 327-4359 during regular customer service hours.

Icon Level Credit Card Holders

If you've achieved the Icon status level, it means you've earned 5,000 points on your Athleta Credit Card, or that you've spent at least $1,000 overall with the brand. This special status has a dedicated customer support number, (855) 327-4358.

Visa Signature Credit Cardholders

The Gap family of brands has moved their Visa Signature Credit Card to Barclay's. You can reach their customer support at (866) 657-8467.

Final Thoughts

Athleta is known for its large scale global operation which comprises more than 2,700 employees and generates more than $350 million in sales annually. That kind of volume requires finely tuned order fulfillment logistics to ensure that there are minimal customer service issues. That being said, mistakes do happen and having a robust customer support team is a necessity. Athleta's 8 customer service channels are devoted to providing direct support to different types of customers, and enables the company to handle a multitude of support requests efficiently and effectively. We hope this guide has provided you with the information you need to get great customer support at Athleta.

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