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Jimmy John's Order online

Jimmy John's online ordering feature is the quickest and most efficient way to place your Jimmy John's order. Available for pickup or delivery, you'll be able to customize your meal, invite friends to add to the order, and checkout with a few clicks. We'll show you how to order Jimmy John's online in this detailed guide.

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Jimmy John's Order online - What's in this guide?

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How to Order Jimmy John's Online

Unlike many restaurants that only offer delivery or pickup through third party apps, you can order delivery directly from the Jimmy John's website. You'll first need to select whether you want to pick up the order or have it sent to you. If selecting delivery, you'll need to input your exact address, and the site makes this super easy by autocompleting known addresses from Google's database as you type. You'll then be shown a map of your local area with a pin dropped on your address so that you can verify that it looks correct. If you're creating a pickup order, you'll start by selecting your state and city from a dropdown menu or just inputting your zip code. This will show you all Jimmy John's delivery options near you. You'll then proceed to the Jimmy John's online menu, where you can begin to create your order.

Jimmy John's Delivery Group Orders

Jimmy John's has a convenient and powerful tool for placing group orders, which sets the restaurant apart from many of its competitors and makes it easy to order items for many people at once. In order to use this feature, you'll need to log into your Jimmy John's account or create a new one. Once inside your account you'll see any saved delivery addresses or favorite pickup locations that you may have previously used. Once you set your delivery or pickup preferences, you'll continue to create your group order. You can set a price limit per person to cap the price of the overall order and you can also input the email addresses of anyone in your group. You can even just type the prefix of the email address (i.e. everything before the @), and then input the email's domain name in a separate field. This saves time in retyping the same email domain multiple times, and is great when everyone ordering is in the same organization. For this reason, Jimmy John's Online Ordering tool is great for companies looking to get Jimmy John's Office Delivery.

Jimmy John's Delivery Free Sandwich

You can get a free sandwich after your first Jimmy John's order when you join Freaky Fast Rewards, which is the official Jimmy John's loyalty program. You'll also get a number of other great benefits with your membership.

Does Jimmy John's Delivery Come Free?

Yes, Jimmy John's offers free delivery. Just build your order online and go to the checkout page. There you'll see your order subtotal, estimated taxes, and delivery charges, which should reflect $0.00 if that location offers free delivery.

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