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What's New at Red Robin Colorado Springs?

There are 3 Red Robin restaurants in the Colorado Springs area. Depending on where you're situated, you can choose to eat at the Broadmoor location, the Chapel Hills location, or the Powers location, where you'll find the same great Red Robin Menu. In this guide, we'll help you choose the best Red Robin in Colorado Springs.

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What's New at Red Robin Colorado Springs? - What's in this guide?

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Red Robin Colorado Springs - Powers

The Red Robin Powers restaurant is located at 3770 Bloomington Street in Colorado Springs. It's situated conveniently between two shopping centers with Target and HomeGoods to the North, and Best Buy and Dick's Sporting Goods to the South. Because it's located at the intersection of North Powers Boulevard and North Carefree Circle, visitors typically skip right over the many nearby restaurants and instead opt for a meal at Red Robin. In fact, it's estimated that the Red Robin Powers Location gets 7-8 times as much traffic as its neighbor and competitor, In-N-Out Burger.

Red Robin Colorado Springs Powers - Phone Number

You can reach Red Robin Colorado Springs Powers at (719) 622-8157.

Red Robin Colorado Springs - Chapel Hills

Located at 1410 Jamboree Drive in Colorado Springs. The Red Robin Chapel Hills location benefits from a lot of customers that come from three nearby institutions. As the Northernmost Red Robin in Colorado Springs, the restaurant is next to the United States Air Force Academy Airfield, Children's Hospital Colorado, and Rampart High School near Briargate. These are great neighbors to have as the many staff and students all flock to the closest fast food outlets during their lunch break. That being said, the competition is also quite steep in this area, and the nearby Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers is the more popular choice for would-be patrons. It consistently outperforms Red Robin Chapel Hills with more visitors and better reviews from customers.

Red Robin Colorado Springs Chapel Hills - Phone Number

You can reach Red Robin Colorado Springs Chapel Hills at (719) 598-2473.

Red Robin Colorado Springs - Broadmoor

Located in the Southern part of Colorado Springs at 2230 Southgate Road in Colorado Springs, Red Robin Broadmoor is by far the most popular Red Robin location in Colorado Springs. It gets nearly twice as many visitors as its Northern counterpart in Chapel Hills and it's also the highest-rated. This is the ideal Colorado Springs Red Robin location for visitors of nearby Lower Beaver Park and Cheyenne Mountain, and is very popular as a lunch spot after a day at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Red Robin Colorado Springs - Broadmoor Number

You can reach Red Robin Colorado Springs Broadmoor at (719) 447-8810

Red Robin Colorado Springs Hours

All of the Red Robin locations in Colorado Springs operate from 11am - 10pm from Sunday through Thursday. On the weekends, Red Robin stays open for an extra hour, closing at 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

Red Robin Colorado Springs Menu

The menu at Red Robin Colorado Springs has the full lineup of cheeseburgers, fries, appetizers and entrees available, and has even recently added a selection of Donatos Pizza which lets you create your own pie or choose from fan favorites such as the Whiskey River BBQ Pizza. In all, you'll find more than two-dozen types of burgers at each Red Robin Colorado Springs location and you'll be able to wash them down with a milkshake of your choice. For adults, you can grab a fresh brew or a cocktail.

Red Robin Colorado Springs Kids Menu

Kids love visiting the 3 Red Robin locations in Colorado Springs because the kids menu offers bite-sized versions of some of the usual favorites, including the Red Robin's 'Mac it Yours' macaroni and cheese dish, Corn Doggies (battered and fried tiny hot dogs), and even a personal-sized Donatos Pizza, which at 7 inches is a perfect size for kids.

Does Red Robin Colorado Springs Bottomless Fries?

Yes, when dining at any Red Robin in Colorado Springs, you'll benefit from Red Robin's Bottomless Steak Fries. When ordering a Gourmet Burger you'll be able to get unlimited free refills on those famous Red Robin fries.

The Verdict

So which is the best Red Robin in Colorado Springs? Our choice is definitely the Broadmoor location on Southgate Road. While all locations have an extensive menu with all the Red Robin classics as well as several gluten-free options, Its proximity to nearby hiking locations and parks makes Broadmoor a natural choice after a long day on the trails. Their wonderful staff provides fast and efficient service and keeps the restaurant tidy and organized, which is part of the reason why Red Robin's Broadmoor location has earned the most favorable reviews of the three Colorado Springs locations. So next time you're looking for a Red Robin in Colorado Springs, go for it!

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