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Red Robin Gluten Free

No matter which location you choose, you can definitely find many gluten-free options at Red Robin. However, not every Red Robin restaurant has the exact same menu and the way they cook their food can also differ from location to location. This can affect the way potential allergens may enter your food. Join us as we take a closer look at Red Robin's gluten free options.

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Red Robin Gluten Free - What's in this guide?

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Gluten Free Menu at Red Robin

Red Robin has a policy of taking their guests' food allergies seriously, and they even provide a little-known free tool that enables you to find gluten-free food at Red Robin. Using this tool you'll be able to narrow down the lengthy choices to create your very own Red Robin Gluten Free Menu and build a safe meal that works for you. This is the best way to examine Red Robin's full lineup of gluten-free options, and we've reviewed it here for you.

How to find gluten-free food at Red Robin?

Because Red Robin's menu and cooking procedures are known to differ depending on which location you're dining at, when using Red Robin's Gluten-Free Food Finder you'll first be asked to select which restaurant location's menu you'd like to check. With more than 500 Red Robin locations out there, this tool is extremely valuable in understanding how to avoid gluten and eat safely at a Red Robin near you. In our review we chose a Red Robin in Colorado Springs and then marked “Gluten” under the list of possible allergens that we'd like to avoid. We were then able to select a list of categories such as Gourmet Burgers, Pizza Toppings, Salads, etc. We clicked on the Banzai Burger and were immediately shown that two of its ingredients (the Sesame Bun and the Teriyaki Sauce) needed to be changed out to avoid eating Gluten. With a simple click we swapped them out for a Gluten Free Bun and Gluten Free Bistro Sauce, and we were able to start an order with one more simple click. This process was really efficient, fast, and made us feel great that Red Robin takes Food Safety so seriously.

Red Robin Gluten Free Bun

Does Red Robin have Gluten Free Buns? Yes, Red Robin does offer a gluten free bun option which is a perfect way to enjoy their signature burgers without worrying about the after-effects of eating a gluten-laden food product. As an added bonus, when looking at the Red Robin Gluten Free Bun Nutrition, it's clear that this is one of Red Robin's lowest-calorie buns. With just 210 calories, the only other Red Robin buns that have a lower calorie count are the Ciabatta Bun, the Tavern Bun, and the Multigrain Bun. Those looking to keep an eye on their sodium intake might want to watch out, however, as the Red Robin Gluten Free Bun has the highest sodium content of any other bread option. With 480mg of sodium, it has nearly 14 times more sodium than the Multigrain Bun, which has just 35mg.

Red Robin Gluten Free Disclaimers

While Red Robin makes it clear that they've set up these tools in order to help you customize your order to avoid mistakenly eating gluten, they also want you to understand that there are literally thousands of individual ingredients that make up Red Robin's full menu. When combining that with the number of Red Robin locations out there (532 in total), it's understandable that cross-contamination is not wholly unavoidable, especially given that the same equipment is used for cooking food that does contain gluten. In addition, many of these ingredient lists are reported to Red Robin from their individual suppliers, some of which are replaced from time to time. For this reason, Red Robin recommends that you seek professional medical advice before making a final decision on what to order. We couldn't agree more.

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