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Ranked: Red Lobster's Best Priced Dishes

The Red Lobster Menu has some of the best-priced seafood and steaks around. Whether you're looking for great value on shrimp, lobster, or other shellfish dishes, you'll find it on the Red Lobster menu. In this deep dive, we've broken down the best-priced red lobster menu items so that you'll be well prepared to snag a bargain during your next visit.

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Ranked: Red Lobster's Best Priced Dishes - What's in this guide?

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PDF Menu with Prices

Click here to access the Red Lobster PDF menu. You'll see that each dish is marked with prices clearly indicated, as well as nutritional info such as the calorie count and portion size.


There are plenty of ways to ensure your meal gets off to a great start at Red Lobster, and we're here to help you choose the best-valued appetizer. Here's our list of best to worst deals:

Best Deal - Lobster & Langostino Pizza: Priced at $12.49 and with just 700 calories in the whole pie, you'll find Maine, Norway, and Langostino lobster pieces topped with beautiful mozzarella cheese in this flavorful dish. Finished with fresh tomatoes and basil, this is a fantastic way to get the party started and is definitely the best value for Money on Red Lobster's appetizer menu.

Average - Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp: With 660 calories and priced at $9.99, it's hard to argue with this classic dish. The only reasons we ranked it second is that it's just not quite as big as the pizza, which is ideal for sharing. Nonetheless, you'll absolutely love the Red Lobster pina colada dipping sauce that comes with the coconut shrimp. It's definitely a great appetizer option.

Worst - Homemade Crab Cakes: While tasty, these crab cakes will run you about $15, which is the highest price of any item on the starter menu. So if you're looking for a great deal, we would recommend one of the other options. One major benefit is that they're just 550 calories, which is a plus for the health-conscious diner.


This Classics section of the menu has some really large and satisfying dishes. And, since they all come with your choice of two sides (not including Fish & Chips), they are definitely a great value. That being said, some dishes are a better deal than others. Here's our rundown…

Best Deal - Salmon New Orleans: At $19.49 for a half-order, this is far from the cheapest item on the Classics menu and for a piece of Salmon this nice, you'd likely pay about 20%-25% more in most restaurants. The salmon is prepared blackedend, tossed in Red Lobster's Cajun butter sauce, and finished with a nice tomato-cilantro relish. It's a fantastic dish all around and to add to the value, you can upsize to a full portion for just five bucks more.

Average - Garlic Shrimp Skewers: We definitely love the size of these skewers, and $15.99 is quite a fair price for this 330-calorie dish. Even better, you can add an additioanl skewer to your order for just $3.99, making this an all around great value.

Worst - Simply Grilled Atlantic Salmon: At $20.49 we found this dish to be a bit underwhelming, especially when compared to the Salmon New Orleans. While a half order of the New Orleans is about the same price as a full order of the Atlantic, the preparation and finishings make the Salmon New Orleans well worth it. The Atlantic Salmon is grilled nicely, but it's a bit bland if you're looking for something packed with taste and truly exciting.


Feasts at Red Lobster are the largest and most expensive dishes. They definitely have their fair share of value, especially when you consider that they're made up of multiple menu items. You can also choose any two sides you'd like, except for the Bar Harbor Lobster Bake.

Best Deal - Ultimate Feast: We love that you can get Maine lobster tail, snow crab legs, garlic shrimp scampi, and Walt's Favorite Shrimp in one action-packed dish. It clocks in at just $32.99 which is a bargain for the amount of food you get. It does rack up the calories pretty heavily, however, with a total of 1,070 for the meal.

Average - Mariner's Feast: The $25.99 price tag is good, as are the included items in this dish, which is a combination of the Atlantic salmon with langostino and Norway lobster, grilled sea scallops and Walt's favorite shrimp. We would definitely recommend this without hesitation if you like what you see.

Worst - Ultimate Surf & Turf: This is one of the most expensive items on Red Lobster's menu at $38.49 and, while the price wasn't the only factor in determining its placement on our list, we think that most of that cost is eaten up by the 6-ounce filet mignon. Red Lobster does have some good steaks, but we just feel that money could be better spent elsewhere. Apart from that, the dish is pretty tasty, especially the bacon-wrapped sea scallops.

Final Thoughts

The Red Lobster menu is diverse and varied, with some really great dishes that won't break the bank. Whatever you choose you're pretty much assured an overall good value for money, but some dishes seem to give you a little more bang for your buck. We hope this guide has helped you find your way around the Red Lobster menu and provided a good overview of what you can get for your money there.

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