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Zaxby's Menu - Order Now

When it comes to chicken, Zaxby's is one of the best in the business, turning out flavorful takes on classics like chicken fingers, wings, and sandwiches. With nearly 1,000 locations, you're bound to find yourself at a Zaxby's sooner or later. We want to make sure you're prepared to place your order when the time comes, so here's our deep dive into the Zaxby's menu…

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Zaxby's Menu - Order Now - What's in this guide?

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PDF Menu

You can check out the Zaxby's PDF Menu here. This menu is fully printable and can be used both for dine in and takeout orders at Zaxby's. You'll find a list of every item available along with nutritional information such as the calorie count of each dish.


Known as Zappetizers, these Zaxyby's starters are a great opening salvo to the perfect meal. We love the Buffalo Dip & Tater Chips with its creamy Buffalo Chicken Dip. It runs 1,020 calories however, which is a little steep for an appetizer, so we recommend sharing it if you can. Other highlights off the starter menu include the Onion Rings with Zestable Dip as well as the Spicy Fried Mushrooms.

Wings & Fingerz

Zaxby's has an awesome selection of full meals that are served with a 22 ounce drink, Zaxby's famous crinkle-cut fries, and their terrific Texas Toast. Add a little Zax Sauce, and you're good to go with these mouth watering options that include Chicken Fingers (sold in 4, 5, or 6-piece sizes) or Buffalo Wings, which come in a single size of 5 wings per order with your choice of Boneless or Traditional style. If you're really hungry you can opt for the Wings & Things meal, which comes with both 5 buffalo wings and 3 chicken Fingerz. These options range from about 1,000 calories for the Traditional Boneless Wings to more than 2,100 for the 6 Fingerz chicken finger plate.

Zaxby's Sauces

With so many chicken options to choose from, you'll want to select the perfect sauce for your Fingerz. Here's the full list of Zaxby's Signature Sauces in order of spiciness:

Dipping Sauces: Even before you get onto the heat scale, you can go for 5 different dipping sauces such as the Zestable Dip, Zax Sauce, Ranch Sauce, Honey Mustard, and Marinara. They've got no kick and are a super smooth way to take your sandwich for a dip.

Teriyaki & Barbecue: These two sauces are the least spicy on the menu. They're heavy on the sweet with almost no kick.

Sweet & Spicy: As the name suggests, this is a rather mild sauce that tempers any heat with a delicious sweetness. The combination works really well for those looking to take it easy.

Hot Honey Mustard: Here the sweetness starts to give way to the spicy, as the traditional honey mustard you may be used to is taken up a notch with a little heat.

Wimpy: This sauce is like an introductory course on turning up the heat. Don't be discouraged by the name. You've got to start somewhere after all.

Original: This is Zaxby's standard sauce and goes great on the Boneless Wings. If you're looking to venture into hot territory, this is a great way to get the party started.

Tongue Torch: As the name suggests, this sauce might come with a few regrets. It's the 3rd hottest sauce on the menu, and it deserves the mantle.

Nuclear: Congratulations, you've now officially stepped into the big leagues. With a name like nuclear, you can expect a little bit of fallout from this super hot sauce.

Insane: You went for it and got it. Zaxby's hottest sauce is so intense that you'd have to be pretty darned crazy to give it a try.


Sandwiches at Zaxby's are piled high and come with a side of fries and a drink. Some of our faves are the Kickin' Chicken Sandwich, which features 3 chicken fingers sandwiched between Texas Toast with Tongue Torch Sauce and Ranch Sauce (a crazy good combination). This sandwich will run you around 1,200 calories. You can also try the Cajun Club, which features a delicious fire-grilled blackened chicken on a toasted brioche bun and has about 1,300 calories. Lastly, we definitely recommend trying Zaxby's famous Nibblerz, 1,500 calories worth of chicken fingers and Zax Sauce on a toasted nibbler bun.


If you're looking for a lighter meal, you can head over to the Zalads section of the Zaxby's menu, where you'll find a House Salad, Cobb Salad, Caesar, and The Blue, which comes with your choice of Buffalo Fingerz or blackened grilled chicken. All of these have about 500-800 calories and are a great way to enjoy a trip to Zaxby's while still eating healthy.


Dessert at Zaxby's is great, with your choice of a chocolate cookie, banana pudding, or birthday cake. With 800-1,000 calories in each, you know you're in for something delicious.

Final Thoughts

Zaxby's is a great place to grab some quality chicken, delicious crinkle-cut fries, and tangy dipping sauce. With so many great options to choose from, you definitely won't leave hungry. We hope this guide has helped you get to know the Zaxby's PDF menu and has prepared you for your next visit.

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